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A Treasured Friendship

As I was looking for some photos and thinking of what to post in my blog, I have come across this pictures... a quick picture-taking with Flo during our momentous reunion after sixteen long years.

A treasure moment with my dearest friend...

I am so thankful that Flo took an effort to see me during her Davao Trip. There's a lot of stories to tell and a lot of old memories to remember but time didn't allow us to do so but what is important is we have finally saw each other after sixteen years. Yes, sixteen long years of not seeing each other but we have managed to keep our friendship intact. 

I believe that there are friendship that lasts a lifetime and one of those is ours. I think no words can best describe our friendship but the title of this post. This is actually a borrowed phrase from Flo's blog post about this reunion. Thank you friend. Hope to see you again soon. I love you.

Thank you Sis Krizza for the First Comment...

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CDO Vacation: Lunch With My Bestfriends

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We arrived in Cagayan de Oro two days before Yoshi's birthday last November. My sister asked for my assistance in shopping some of the stuff for Yoshi's 2nd birthday celebration a day after our arrival. While doing some shopping, my best friend Lucille called me and decided to join us for lunch. I was overjoyed  upon seeing her because it has been years since our last meeting.
Most of the party favors can be found somewhere in Cogon so we decided to meet at the nearby McDonald's in  Ororama. Since my sister just tagged me along, it gives me  an excuse not to shell out any penny for our lunch.Lol! I think the lunch was courtesy of them both... ;)

Me and my sister...
Don't you think she ordered too much?

My  gorgeous best friends...Sis Allyn and Mareng Lucille...

We super enjoyed our time together catching up over lunch. Lucille and I have been  friends since our first year in college in 1995. Try do the math so you'll know how many years we have been  together as friends. We practically hang out everyday during college days and to save me some extra bucks for food, she would invite me to stay at their house for a few days. Her whole family have in fact became my second family in Cagayan de Oro.

The time with my best friends didn't end up after lunch because Lucille decided to come with us at home to spend some extra bonding time. We surely miss each other a lot! That afternoon, we talked about a lot of things from the past, the present, the future and everything we can think of. I find great joy seeing her happily married with the man she loves and being blessed with two lovely daughters who are consistently making them proud of their achievements in school.

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Adgitize Is Closing

I was so shocked  to see my Adgitize ads today stating  that Adgitize is closing. I immediately checked and log in into my Adgitize account  and I was just greeted by the post that says that indeed adgitize is closing. Adgitize have stopped showing ads since the 1st day of January this year. The announcement was made by Mr. Ken Brown last December 27, 2011. Adgitize's website will only serve its publishers and advertisers until the 31st of January 2012. 

It saddens me to see Adgitize go because it really generates traffic for my blogs. I was once an advertiser and advertising with Adgitize  really worked for me. Now that that adgitize is closing and previously the CMF Ads; as a blogger, the only venue left for me  to promote my blog now  is  through Entrecard. I guess it's time to get serious with dropping ECs now that Adgitize is gone.

To those  who still have a few bucks left from Adgitize, please click HERE to know the complete details.

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