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His 41st Birthday Celebration

The Lord has been so good to our family especially to the life of Bren because despite the trials and challenges that came our way, we were able to hold a humble dinner at home to celebrate his 41st birthday. There was no plan of celebrating at first because until the day of his big day, Kuya Macky is still in the hospital. Aside from the financial consideration on Macky's hospital bills, I don't think there would be enough time for us to prepare even for a simplest dinner at home. 

On the day of Bren's birthday, good news came in the morning when Macky's platelet count rose up to almost normal level and his doctor advised that he can be discharged anytime that day. When I arrived in the hospital to take care of the bills, Mama went home earlier in the afternoon to prepare for Bren's birthday dinner. We are expecting a few people from work and Bren was so excited for his cousin and best friend's presence who is in the city to attend the 3-day Philippine Councilors League (PCL) National Convention.

Bren is obviously very happy having Cousin Seth on his big day.
It was Seth's last night in Davao and we are so glad that he actually made an effort to visit us on Bren's 41st birthday celebration. The last time that we saw each other was last 2011 during our vacation in Maasin, Iloilo and we are so delighted to see him after almost two years.

Photo taken from iPhone 4s - Bella with Tatay Bren and Daddy Seth ;)
I am so amazed by Bren and Seth's friendship. They are not just cousins and best friends, they treated each other more than brothers and the love and respect that they have are beyond words. I can really feel it  every single time that they are together.  I am almost teary-eyed when Seth and Bren embraced each other tightly as we said goodbye to Seth that night.


Welcome 2013!

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Let us kiss 2012 goodbye and welcome 2013 with positive vibes! Happy New Year everyone!

Let us be grateful for all good things and the challenges that 2012 has brought us. Let us learn the lessons from every experience and move on. 2013 is waiting for us to conquer and let us do it with a stronger heart and optimism facing every situation with faith and determination to be victorious!

Wishing all you and your loved ones a Happy New Year! Cheers!