Get a Summer Vacation Home

Indeed, summer is here! I am sure that most of us have our own vacation plans either with our family or friends. Planning for a vacation is easy as long as you know where to stay. It is also easier if you reserve vacation home rentals online to avoid the hassles of waiting in a queue. Staying in a vacation rental homes with your family is just like settling at the comforts of your own home. You could never go wrong checking out vacation home rental wherever you want to spend your summer. Have fun under the sun! :-)


My Simple Birthday Celebration

I celebrated my birthday last Tuesday and I am a year older but of course a year wiser. Although I'm already 33 but I still feel like 23 years old. Bren was teasing me saying that I am just in denial about my age. Lol. I used to celebrate with friends and family at home during my birthdays but  I was so tired to prepare this time specially with what our family have gone through a few weeks ago. I think I lost the energy to host a  party and entertain guests. I am just too lazy to move lately.

For a change, we decided  to have a family dinner in a restaurant at SM City. My father was hesitant to come with us at first, but I insisted telling him that the essence of that dinner is not the food but the presence of each family member making the celebrator important on her special day.

I'm busy with Bella and I  wasn't able to capture all the food :-(
  Macky, Bella and Me, Tita Jing, Papa and Mama plus Bren on cam ;-)
Enjoying the taste of soda.....

The dinner turned out great and everybody enjoyed it especially Macky who had the most share of  food that night. We then take a little walk at a trade fair near SM car park for Mama to buy some flowers for her garden and on our way home, we spent a while to see the Statue of David, one of the city's landmark.

We are all tired but went home happy especially our little girl who's  last visit to the mall was when she's still 5 months old. Poor baby. I thank the Lord for giving me a complete and loving family. I just pray for good health for all of us especially for my father who have just undergone a major operation.

To all my friends who showed love through their greetings, thank you very much. May the Lord God bless all of you always. Hugs!


Free Product Samples

Becoming a wife and a mother entails a lot of responsibility especially when it comes to handling  finances at home. After deciding to resign from work and vowed to be a full-time homemaker, I have been very particular with all our expenditures. I always see to it that every centavo goes to all the things that is important by buying only what is needed and setting aside all those unnecessary. During grocery shopping, I always have my list ready so I will be guided with my spending. Whenever I see an opportunity to get free product samples, I always grab them without a second thought because it means "savings" for me. ;-)

I have somehow practice that kind of attitude even in my online life. Aside from blogging, I spend most of my time looking for online freebies and contests just save to a few bucks. A friend told me that there are a lot of  legit sites who are giving out product samples for free. And who would not want to receive free items nowadays especially if it means an added savings on your pocket? Indeed, what my friend told me is true because I have found a website that offers of free product samples. And I promise myself to frequent this site because this  is truly a good find.

This freebie site  does not only offer free product samples but also gives out information about coupons, contests, and deals. Generally, reading from their archives helps me understand ways on how to save using coupons and  how to save on my purchases. Finding this site is like receiving birthday gifts from friends abroad.

Want to receive free product samples? Head on to Julies Freebies and see it for yourself.


Meet The Coffee Chic

Blogging has changed my life in so many ways especially when I became a full-time homemaker. It allows me to reach the world and meet true and genuine people who in turn became my real friends. Friends I met in the blogosphere are seldom seen personally but I can really feel the warmth of their friendship and that's where I draw strength and inspiration when the world is not on my side.

Some few months ago, Bren and I were invited to one of my best blogpal's home to attend her brother's birthday. We are touched with the gesture because being invited in one's home made us feel important and even grateful considering that I only met this blogpal once during the blogger's party last December and take note... it's not her birthday but  her brother's =)...

We enjoyed the food and the company because this blogpal and her family warmly welcome us in their home even giving more importance to us than their other visitors. The food served during the party are all delicious especially her mom's home made chocolate cake. Sorry, haven't had the chance to take some pictures on the food. =(

Now, meet this pretty and lovely blogpal of mine... ALGENE.
With Algene in their living room...

Thank you very much for your family's generosity Gene. Bren and I surely had a great time. Looking forward to see you more often. Praying for your success online and offline. Hugs!


Car Title Loans Online

Applying for  whatever kind of loan is easy as long  as you can submit the complete requirements. I can say that I am quite familiar with how it works because of my experience in getting  loans  from banks and cooperatives.  Each kind of loan institution offers  different types of loan packages but most traditional title loans have high interest rates compared to that of car title loans .

I have read that getting a loan with your car is hassle-free because it can be easily  done in the comforts of your own home. It has low monthly  interest rates and longer payment terms. Although, you are using your car as collateral, you can still keep your car and enjoy it the same way. This type of loan caught my interest because of its friendly terms and requirements not to mention that it can also be processed online.

My father's recent hospitalization have challenged us emotionally and financially. We never really thought that the simple abdominal complain will put him on the operating table and end up in the hospital for eleven days. We are not prepared for it considering that my father is just fifty five years old but we are still thankful that he overcame everything and he is now trying to live normally with a totally brand new lifestyle.

We are currently in debt but we didn't mind it at all because what is important to us is my father's life.  We still have a lot of time to pay for our loans as long as we pay it religiously. Yes, we opted to get as many loans as possible just to get through this phase and we are not ashamed to admit it. Getting loans to be used for a good purpose is all worth it and paying it is not a burden at all.

Thanks to the lending institutions who offer low interest rates and payment schemes. With this we can surely pay all of our obligations in no time. :)

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