Aldo and Alda

If you have read my post about Tommy's birthday presents to Bren, then you would  have heard about  Aldo. And now, I want you to meet Aldo, Bren's little baby aside from Bella but definitely not Bella's brother or whatever lol. Aldo and Alda are actually one of the symbols of Bren and Tommy's friendship.

Aldo sitting comfortably at the backseat...
Aldo and Alda...

I really don't understand why Bren bought Aldo in the first place although he said that Aldo is  unique. He bought Aldo in a mall when he attended a seminar in Manila last 2010. We gave him the name Aldo from Bren's first name Romualdo. After Aldo, there's  Romy also a mechanical orangutan toy from Tommy but due to his cuteness and walking talent, he's nowhere to be found courtesy of either Bella or Yoshi. Bren, was actually furios upon knowing it but what can he do? Babies love to play with toys =).

And now again, Tommy gave Aldo another sister whom we called Alda. Aldo and Alda are now Bren's companion inside his car which also has a name. Just don't mind the car's name but for now, I would leave you with Aldo and Alda to look after while I am away. I still need to attend to my father's needs in the hospital for the next few days. 

Bye for now. See you all soon.  Hugs!



Where To Stay In Chicago

Have you been to Chicago? I bet a lot of you have already visited this city. I am asking because I have never been there but dreaming to visit that city someday.  It is because of this dream that lead me to research about the place. I am delighted to know that the city offers interesting attractions for  tourists and also places to stay like chicago vacation rentals.

I heard  from a friend that vacation rental in chicago has a lot to offer. You can surely feel at home living in furnished apartments and just like in your  own place, everything you need can be found around the city. With vacation rentals chicago,  at least, I am somehow confident that even without a single relative in the city and by just staying in a vacation home rentals, my stay will surely be enjoyable.


Birthday Presents from Tommy

Bren celebrated his 40th birthday surrounded by friends and family who loved him dearly. His big day was made even special by Tommy who gave him a bottle of Tanduay Rum (their nightly buddy), an ID holder with special print which I like the most and a stuff toy (pink little monkey) whom we called Alda in which Bella get to hold first. Alda  has now  become Aldo's adopted  little sister. Wondering who Aldo is?

By the way, here's what Tommy have for  Bren as presents on his special day.

A bottle of Tanduay Rum...
"This Guy Is Not Single"...Lol!
Tommy also gave Bren  2 sets of extra guitar strings. In case you do not know, Bren and Tommy both share the love for music. Both of them can sing and play guitar very well  but Tommy is exceptional because he can write, arrange and play  original songs. Yes, he is really into music and a true musician. 

Thank you again, Tommy and Ate Claire for making Bren's 40th birthday extra special. By the way,  the Tanduay left during the party that  night was  re-sealed and kept by Bren for you to consume on your next vacation here in the Philippines and we pray that it's going to be sooner for we miss all of you already :( .


Whitney Houston dies at 48

I saw ABS-CBN's ASAP giving tribute to the legendary Whitney Houston and I can't help but feel sad about what happened to her   who has been said to be "the greatest of  all time"  in the music industry. The singer was found dead last Saturday in Beverly Hilton, Los Angeles at around 3:20AM PST. The cause of her death was  not yet revealed and it is still under investigation. This incident gathered different  reactions from  fans and friends all over the world.

I am personally affected by this news because she was one my favorite  singers in the whole wide world. At the age 48, a lot of good and bad things have been said about Whitney but the truth will always remain that she has the  genuine talent that was beyond compare. I will always be thankful for the life of Whitney because I was somehow blessed by her talent.

Goodbye Whitney! Thank you for sharing your talent to the world. You will forever be in our hearts.


Replacing Car Windshield

Having a car is convenient especially when there is a family emergency just like when we brought Bella to the hospital a few days ago. That was one of the time wherein  I am so  thankful for having a car ready to take us anytime and anywhere without the hassle of waiting. But the downside of having a car is its maintenance. Providing a good maintenance for your car is more expensive than raising a kid. And that was what I have been telling Bren repeatedly. 

A few months ago,  our car's windshield was broken when it was hit by a mango fruit. I have even made a blog post about it sometime last year. I was a bit hesitant to have it replaced immediately when it happened  because it is a bit costly on our part. Good thing, I was convinced to give it a go signal  when I saw Windshield Replacement Phoenix. I was able to compare prices and quotations necessary to have the windshield replaced.

By reading this Auto Glass Phoenix website, I was able to understand the services necessary for our car's windshield. Being the  household's finance officer, I am so conscious about the budget especially those unexpected ones which is most of the time spent on our car. But now, I am so glad that I found Auto Glass Repair Phoenix because I can always ask for a free online assessment when necessary, that way I would be able to set aside a certain budget for our car.

Although a bit costly, we decided to keep the car and even have it repainted because aside from its uses, it has a sentimental value for us because that's where Bella was given birth. I just hope that it will serve us well for a long time. Bren have high hopes that her little girl would be able to drive that car when she reaches 18.

Windshield Replacement Phoenix
3001 N. Randolph Road. #GF4
Phoenix, AZ 85014
(602) 792-5954


Blog Makeover

Say Hello to this blog's new look courtesy of Rona Fun Designs. I am truly happy with the fresh look of this blog especially with its color and overall layout. If  you don't know yet, Blue is my favorite color. 

This  is actually the second design she did for me. First is the design of new my travel and fashion blog and now this main blog of mine.

Thank you very much sis for giving this blog a makeover.  I am very happy and grateful  about this. Hugs!

What can you say about this blog's new look? 


cornell creighton csu

Ticketamerica.com has university tickets and seating charts for the Cornell Big Red, Creighton Bluejays and CSU Bakersfield basketball and football seats for all games played.


Friends Worth Keeping

I admit that am a bit choosy when it comes to friends. I  don't want to invest much emotion on friends because I know that they come and go, but if I the person is worth keeping I don't even give a second thought about it. I would prefer having  few but true friends than having a lot but some are not true and can only remember  when they need something from you.

I am glad that among the friends I consider in my previous work, I have these persons whom I can say my true and loyal allies, Julz and Exper.

Exper and Julz...

For professional and personal reasons, I don't usually make friends with people at work but Julz and Exper are an exemption. They are actually my workmates who became allies which in turn became my good friends. They are almost a family to me. I am not afraid of showing them I care because I know that they are worth keeping and the friendship that we have will  surely go a long way.

I thank the Lord for people like them and I am very blessed to have them as  friends. I am happy knowing that they have the same love, respect and admiration for me as I have for them. Thank you so much guys for your friendship.

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