Aldo and Alda

If you have read my post about Tommy's birthday presents to Bren, then you would  have heard about  Aldo. And now, I want you to meet Aldo, Bren's little baby aside from Bella but definitely not Bella's brother or whatever lol. Aldo and Alda are actually one of the symbols of Bren and Tommy's friendship.

Aldo sitting comfortably at the backseat...
Aldo and Alda...

I really don't understand why Bren bought Aldo in the first place although he said that Aldo is  unique. He bought Aldo in a mall when he attended a seminar in Manila last 2010. We gave him the name Aldo from Bren's first name Romualdo. After Aldo, there's  Romy also a mechanical orangutan toy from Tommy but due to his cuteness and walking talent, he's nowhere to be found courtesy of either Bella or Yoshi. Bren, was actually furios upon knowing it but what can he do? Babies love to play with toys =).

And now again, Tommy gave Aldo another sister whom we called Alda. Aldo and Alda are now Bren's companion inside his car which also has a name. Just don't mind the car's name but for now, I would leave you with Aldo and Alda to look after while I am away. I still need to attend to my father's needs in the hospital for the next few days. 

Bye for now. See you all soon.  Hugs!



  1. May fascination pala talaga si Bren sa mga plush toys, no? At least, lagi sya may kasama sa kotse :)

    Ingat lagi, Rovz. Praying for your father's speedy recovery. God bless :)

  2. ganun..? okie cge, ingats... pagaling kamo si Papang.. :)

  3. At sa hinaba haba ng kwento, papaalagaan mo pala samin itong mga toys mo. Haha. Super natuwa man din ako, yun pala isang bonggang pagsasabi ito na mawawala ka muna sa blogosphere. Very nice Ate Rovs! Magawa nga to sa preschool class ko. Galing eh!

    Anyway, see you here soon! Praying for your Dad's recovery!

    1. You're welcome Ate Rovs! Thanks din sa pakikinig ulit ng song ko. Muah!

      Sorry, been busy din. I've got lots of orders! Kakaamaze diba? Just finished one template and installed na din. 2 more orders are waiting! Praise the Lord sa blessingS!

      And kisses to baby Bella and prayers for your pudra!

  4. Hi Aldo and Alda! It's nice meeting you both ;-) They are so cute, Rovz!

    1. oist girl! May utang kang kwento samin ni Kemers sa FB. Aba! sabihin mo lang at mag-oonline kami para jan! haha

    2. LOL! Magkano nga yong utang ko? Hahaha!

    3. Naku, sangkarumakot na!

  5. Cute! Both aldo and alda and also the friendship between Bren and Tommy...ka-sweet nila...bihira lang na hehehe what happened to your dad? hope he's okay. God Bless!

  6. their names are unique Sis Rovie :-) now the Daddy has company inside the car :-) cute toys though :-) Visiting from Thursday Brownies, hope that you can return the visit too.


  7. So cute but delikado lang malihian..LOL!

    Visiting from the challenge- hope you can stop by:)


  8. haha cute story of Aldo and Alda... thanks sa visit sa ako byotipol.com blog Rovie.... Happy weekend to you! Ay Lunes na diha sa Pinas!

  9. Hi ate Rovs! I hope your dad gets well soon.. :) Anyway, ang cute naman ninyo ni kuya Bren. May Aldo, Alda.. Ano ba name ni car? Hehe

  10. I hope your dad gets better soon...and that we meet the car soon too! :)

    Thanks for linking up to brownies!

  11. awww! Alda is one pink cutie toy Sis :-) Returning the visit from Pink Fridays.


  12. nice meeting you Aldo and Alda..
    Visiting from Pink Friday entry #35.
    My Pink Entry
    Have a nice day!

  13. here again!
    Visiting from Thursday Brownies entry #7.
    My Brown here
    Happy Monday!

  14. aldo and aldo welcome to the blogosphere..hehehe.. natawa naman ako sa post mo, visiting for Pink Fridays, I hope you can pay me a visit too at


    see you!!!!

  15. two persons are so nice Aldo and Alda..
    have a nice day,thank so much.............

  16. that's nice...cute naman nila! nice naman ng name, aldo (reminds me of shoes/accessorries) and alda, at least may partners pala si bren kapag nagdadrive! :) visiting from Thursday Brownies, hope to see you around. thanks and have a great week. :) P.s. get well soon sa father mo! :)

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  18. they are really so cute, my baby loves monkey too but we don't have any stuff toy, she would be delighted to see this one. thanks for the visit and hopefully you can join green monday meme at mygreenlivingideas.com too. thanks.

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