CDO Vacation: Lunch With My Bestfriends

We arrived in Cagayan de Oro two days before Yoshi's birthday last November. My sister asked for my assistance in shopping some of the stuff for Yoshi's 2nd birthday celebration a day after our arrival. While doing some shopping, my best friend Lucille called me and decided to join us for lunch. I was overjoyed  upon seeing her because it has been years since our last meeting.
Most of the party favors can be found somewhere in Cogon so we decided to meet at the nearby McDonald's in  Ororama. Since my sister just tagged me along, it gives me  an excuse not to shell out any penny for our lunch.Lol! I think the lunch was courtesy of them both... ;)

Me and my sister...
Don't you think she ordered too much?

My  gorgeous best friends...Sis Allyn and Mareng Lucille...

We super enjoyed our time together catching up over lunch. Lucille and I have been  friends since our first year in college in 1995. Try do the math so you'll know how many years we have been  together as friends. We practically hang out everyday during college days and to save me some extra bucks for food, she would invite me to stay at their house for a few days. Her whole family have in fact became my second family in Cagayan de Oro.

The time with my best friends didn't end up after lunch because Lucille decided to come with us at home to spend some extra bonding time. We surely miss each other a lot! That afternoon, we talked about a lot of things from the past, the present, the future and everything we can think of. I find great joy seeing her happily married with the man she loves and being blessed with two lovely daughters who are consistently making them proud of their achievements in school.

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  1. thanks sis!!bff jud ta.. wala pa ta tulog that time..thanks for accompanying me to buy some stuff for yoshi's beeday..

  2. Kakatuwa pag nagkita kayo ulit ng friend mo na matagal mong di nakita, talagang di maubos ang kwento, no? Naunahan ka na nya, Rovz, kasi dalawa na ang babies nya ;) Me balak ka bang humabol? Hehe!

    Thanks for linking this up to Happiness Is! :)

  3. Basta ikaw sis!

    @KM: Matagal na syang nauna... 12 years old na ata ang eldest nya...hehehe hirap na habulin... I'm taking my precious time para ma enjoy pa si Bella ng medyo matagal-tagal...

    Kaw na lang din sis...Hehehe

  4. going out with friends is really happiness, visting for Happiness Is meme, mine is up at http://www.pinaysinglemomsnook.info/?p=65, i hope to see you around..

  5. ayay! tambay raba me diha sa una pa...labi na kung manakayan going to terry hills...ehhehe...mingaw ko sa mcdonalds sa pinas...dre wala man jud fried chicken ug rice...lol!

  6. gigutom ko sa mga foods naa inyo atubangan mommy. miss CDo

    visiting from {FLO}WW

  7. Yun tuloy na miss ko best friend ko na nasa Cebu at yung isa pa na missing in action. Di ko malaman-laman kung nasaan yun! :((

    You all look happy. Good for you Ate Rov's! <3

  8. AYAY! Mukhang na-late na ata ako dine, hahahah! You look so happy together, Rovz. Siempre naman di mawawala ang kainan at chikahan when friends get to bond and reminisce the past.

    Na-miss ko tuloy ang mga friends ko rin. Kaso karamihan out of the country na.

    Anyways, nakakagaan talaga ng puso when you get to catch up with old pals.

    Hope you're having a fab weekend with the fam especially with Bella Baby ;-)

  9. I feel happy that u are still able to catch up with your old friends. Sometimes kasi, mahirap mag catch up pag maraming taon na ang nakalipas. Hehehe. But I'm glad that you are still able to keep your friendship.

    Visiting na rin Sis from KM's meme. Hehehe

  10. Tagl nyo na ding mag kaibigan no? Nice bonding time!

  11. wow dami foods! i love McDo than Jabi hihihihi!

    thanks for the follow, already a follower.


  12. Looks like you all had fun. And the food that is yummy! Following you. ^_^

    Sweet & Sour Fish

  13. the smiles on each of your faces explain how you enjoy meeting and dining together...

    dropping by from Yummy Sunday! Hope you can drop by at my entry too!

  14. nothing beats the feeling of spending wonderful time with your best friend Mommy Rovie :-) Visiting from Wednesday Whites, hope that you can return the favor too.


  15. I've been to CDO several times and i think i have eaten in this McDo once. you sure had a great time meeting with your friends. visiting here from YS! here's mine: http://www.pakals.info/2012/01/08/yummy-sunday-fruitcake/

  16. lovely smiles you have here with your sister Mommy Rovie, delish foods from Jollibee too. Returning the visit from Thursday Brownies, thank you for the visit too.


  17. you and your sister seem to have an identical smile. :)

  18. Ate Rovie! Sorry ngayon lang nakadalaw. Same kayo mo ug nawong sa imong sister. Pretty. :) Lingaw jud diay CDO vacation nimo. Nameet pa nimo imong bestfriend. True happiness jud :D

  19. Yummy food..

    Visiting for YS! Her's my share-hope you can stop by:)


  20. wow, great catching up with old friends!
    Thank you for joining Wednesday Whites!
    Raya of Colors and contrasts

  21. kita naman sa faces nyo na you really has a great time..visitng back from CW!

  22. Visiting again this time for Happiness is Mommy, hope that you can return the visit too.


  23. Visiting again this time for Yummy Sunday, hope that you can return the visit too.


  24. Visiting again for TB! Here's my share- hope you can stop by:)


  25. the people in the photo looked familiar. :-)

  26. awww, another sweet post! i lived in Bukidnon for a while and we usually "go down" (lol) and visit CDO during weekends...nakakamiss! :)


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