A Place To Stay

I am very sure that most of us if not all, wanted to go somewhere  for a vacation. A memorable and exciting vacation are usually spent with friends and family. One challenging task in planning for a vacation is looking for a place to stay.

I know that the first thing that comes to mind when looking for a place is to get a hotel room but that is not a  practical choice considering that it is just a room. If  you want to have a large place that can accommodate your number with a nice kitchen and great amenities,  I suggest that you check out vacation rentals paris.

In vacation rentals paris you can find furnished apartments that suites your budget and style. It is also a lot more economical to get a furnished apartment than a hotel room for some obvious reasons.


My Family's Pink Christmas at Waterlily Street

This has been our third Christmas here at Waterlily Street and so far every Christmas celebrated here is always simple yet full of fun and excitement. People in the neighborhood go out of their houses to join the celebration along Waterlily Street. Games and other activities  sponsored by of our generous neighbors are  so much appreciated by the kids who are competing  to get the prizes in every game. This year, Auntie Pacing together with Tata spearheaded the games and activities for kids. Uncle Idol even dressed up as Santa Claus to amuse the kids who would willingly want to take their  pictures with him.

Uncle Idol as Santa Claus...
Bella with Tachu, Tita Jing, Tito Dong, Ninang Exper and Kuya Orit
The Waterlily neighborhood!
Sisters playing paper dance

Foursome! myself, hubby, mama and papa...
A Christmas pose with hubby...

It has been part of the family's tradition to have a color motif every Christmas and New Year's eve. So for Christmas this year, we all agreed to wear pink to emphasize Bella's presence in the family.  We usually have friends joining us during holidays and this year my good friend Exper and his son Orit celebrated Christmas with us.

Christmas is always memorable no matter how simple you celebrated it. What's  important is, it was celebrated with fun, laughter and love with the people you cherish. Waterlily neighborhood is full of loving, caring and generous people. We instantly feel at home even during the first Christmas with them last 2009.  

My family and the Waterlily neighborhood  would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!

Thank you Sis Rona for the First Comment

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Please HELP Cagayan de Oro

 Video courtesy of YouTube


Xavier University is accepting donations at the Helpdesk set up at the University's front gate or at the Relief Center at the Satellite Canteen near the College of Agriculture building (beside the gymnasium). Personnel and student volunteers are being deployed to buy, pack and deliver relief goods all over the City, under the direction of the University Chaplain.

Fr. Eric Garcia Velandria S.J.
Coordinator of Sendong Operation,
KKP Office, Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan, Corrales Ave.
9000 Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines.

Cash donations can be deposited at BPI through this account:

Account Name: Xavier University

Account Number: 9331-0133-63

Xavier University Relief Center is conducting a relief operation for families affected by Bagyong Sendong.They are asking for donations in:

FOOD (noodles, canned goods, etc.)

You can drop them off at the:
Xavier University KKP-SIO.
Volunteers also needed @DSWD (Masterson Rd, Upper Carmen).
Call 09066150095 or 858-8892.

Other Useful Information:
SMART LIBRENG TAWAG, INTERNET and CELLPHONE CHARGING at PHILCOM OFFICE, MAX SUNIEL ST. CARMEN (RIGHT BESIDE ACSAT GYM) for those who would like to contact their loved ones who have been affected by the recent FLASHFLOODS. Please tell your friends, family and neighbors!

For those who live in other places, you can also send help by giving CASH/ CHEQUE donations send through Simbahang Lingkod. Direct deposits may be made online from any BPI branches (BPI Inter-branch transactions are free of charge), pay to:


Bank of the Philippine Islands (Loyola-Katipunan Branch)
BPI Peso Checking Account Number: 3081-1111-61
BPI Dollar Savings Account Number: 3084-0420-12

Paypal Donations are now accepted, send donations to:  
through Cagayan De Oro Bloggers. More than 200 died and  400 missing as typhoon Sendong ravaged Cagayan de Oro. Proceeds will be donated and delivered to Xavier University Cagayan de Oro where the members of CDO Bloggers are planning to volunteer. Let us help Cagayan de Oro! Thank you and God bless you!

 *This is a re- post. Please re-post to get more help.


Video Surveillance Equipment

Due to security reasons, getting a video surveillance equipment is a must nowadays. It has been noted that the  installation of a video surveillance equipment within the store premises has helped a lot of business establishments decreased the incidents theft and robbery. A lot of prominent personalities has also opted to install a video surveillance system within their homes to make sure that the chances of getting robbed is lessened.


I Won $20!

Joining an  online contest always gives me a different sense of  excitement. For me, it is a free opportunity to meet fellow bloggers while supporting the host blogger on its giveaway.  Just last month, Crib of My Thoughts for the Day hosted a simple mini-giveaway on her site. Her giveaway was really simple... as simple as  guessing where she is right now based on the photo she posted on her blog. Of course, I did not let the chance go so I immediately joined the giveaway... And look what I've got?

Picture Not Mine

A $20 through Paypal! I consider this winning as an early Christmas gift. Thank you Lord for this blessing and thank you Sis for generously  sharing your blessings  to us. Crib is planning to host another giveaway one of this days so you better watch for it guys. Who knows, you might be the next lucky winner. Advance Merry Christmas everyone!


CDO Vacation: Enjoying Xavier Days

Hi everyone! I am very sorry for leaving this blog deserted for quite a while to give way to my  much-awaited vacation in Cagayan de Oro City. Visiting CdO has been in our calendar for a few months already. It was not actually a grand vacation because  hubby was left behind at home  but  nevertheless Bella, Macky and the rest of the family including me  had  a wonderful and memorable sojourn in Cagayan de Oro.

The statue of  St. Francis Xavier
I could not compress in one post what I have experienced  in my two weeks stay  in CdO but I will be sharing it to you one by one in my future posts. My long vacation includes shopping, decorating and cooking for Yoshi's birthday party, a pool party, a college reunion party, dinners and lunches  with family and friends and of course party and wandering at my beloved Alma Mater during the Xavier University Festival Days.

Grinning after availing a FREE HUG from a handsome college student.LOL!
with my dear Bingkay... a bestfriend, sister, kumare...
CIT Christmas Tree

Another unforgettable part of my visit during Xavier Days was the chance to have a long bonding time with one of college best friends  in her Siomai Station at the Soccer field inside the University. Of course, it gives me an access to eat unlimited siomai. I will make a special blog post  about Ludy's Siomai in my foodie blog later.

Kuys Erwin, his pretty wife Emily, Siomai Princess Bingkay and Myself.

It really  feels great to be visiting my Alma Mater and enjoying its festivities  after 12 long years. I saw a lot of  improvement especially on its physical structure. Another thing that surprised me was the way the students get in and out the University because of their security and ID system.

Looks like scanning for an MRT ride.LOL
The students will have to scan their ID before they can get inside the campus and  scan again  before they can go out. There was this big TV screen  that flashes the face, the name and ID number of everyone who scans. Hi -tech eh? Lol!

That's all for now friends. Thank you for keeping this blog alive  for the past few days. I will be returning the favor real soon.

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