Sunshine Award

I felt so honored that once again this blog has received an award from a veteran blogger whom I admired so much. Thank you very much, Ate Kat of  Mom's  Place for this recognition. 

Now, here's the rules for the recipient of Sunshine Award:
1.) Thank the person who gave this award and write a post about it.
2.) Answer the questions below.
3.) Pass it to 10 fabulous  bloggers and send them message to let them know.

* Favorite color? Blue but now Pink influenced by my little girl.

 * Favorite animal? Dog.
* Favorite number? 13.
* Favorite drink? Water.
*Facebook or Twitter? Facebook.
* Your Passion? Aside from Bella maybe writing.
* Giving or getting presents? Giving; for the Lord loves a cheerful giver.
* Favorite Day? Sunday.

* Favorite flowers? Pink and White Roses.
My Sunshine Awardees are:
Krizza  of  Home Sweet Home
Lainy of  A Sojouner's Saga
Algene   of  The Coffee Chic
Reese  of  My Random Thoughts
Rona of  Rona's Review
  Daisy of  Written In Your Heart
Claire of My Rendezvous
Thank you very much for the love and support. You guys are my inspiration. Go and spread the LOVE!


Simplify Life With Lettings Software

I grow up seeing my parents working hard to feed us and send us to a good school. Looking back, for more than two  decades our livelihood was the little food stall near the  wharf area in Cotabato. I would remember waking up at  dawn to help my parents  especially when passengers flocked  our store to have a morning coffee. It was actually my first job because before the day ends Mama would give me some amount as payment for my service.

I realized that managing a business is such a hard thing especially when you do not have somebody to rely on particularly when it comes to financial matters. We were still young then so my parents have no other choice but to carry the loads all by themselves. If only they were  techie enough to discover Lettings Software, I am sure their life would be easier. 

I am not an Accountant and I only have a minimal knowledge on Accounting that is why I am so pleased to   know that the  Lettings Software can do all the job any Accountant can do. It really simplifies  the process of any business operation.

My parents have now retired from their usual business activities since they have decided to transfer here in Davao but  we still dream of putting up a suitable business in the future. I hope by that time, we will be able to utilize Lettings Software to make our lives simpler.


My Worst Disconnection Experience

Our internet  has been disconnected since Wednesday. It was initially my fault because I failed to take note the payment due date. I was actually waiting for the call from PLDT reminding me of my due date and payment schedule. See, that's how confident I am thinking that my internet service provider cares a lot because they have been doing  that for the last few months. I was a fool to believe that they will be consistent.

By the way, upon knowing that our internet was disconnected I immediately went to the nearest PLDT Office to pay the  bills. Thinking that like other ISPs they will immediately take action and reactivate my connection but  I was so wrong! Because after several times of calling them, I was told that my connection will be back within 24-48 hours and that's supposed to be last Friday! Obviously, you knew what happened for until now I could not spend enough time to  visit  all your blogs as much as I want to and it annoys me more than anything!

It was such a headache calling PLDT's customer service  hotline because you have to wait for an average of 30-40 minutes to be entertained by their representatives. It's such a waste of time but I have no choice but to wait just to get the much  needed reactivation. For the last five days, I have been making several calls but then again I was only told to wait for another 24-48 hours AGAIN! Just this morning when I tried to follow up my connection, I waited for 45 minutes again... enough time for me to take a bath and eat my breakfast. Good thing though I did my thing while waiting to be answered.

I am really having a hard time with my internet service provider because until now we weren't able to enjoy the watchpad they've been bragging about. It's fine though because we can live without the watchpad but the very basic connection? How is that? Why is SMARTBRO and SUN can immediately reactivate your connection as in  RIGHT AWAY as in right after payment and why PLDT MyDSL could not? I know that both SMARTBRO and PLDT are owned by the same person but why there is such  a big difference when it comes to their service?

I am now living and breathing internet from my neighbor's WIFI connection but I needed to go out of the house just to smell a little connection. I have just started my online job and I am not sure if I could still be able to get that job back after a  few days of being offline.

Guys, if you think about switching or getting  PLDT MyDSL as your internet service provider, I suggest that  you better think again!

**I am sharing this not to bash PLDT MyDSL but for my friends and readers to be aware and will have an idea based on my experience with PLDT MyDSL.

Update: Reconnected after 7 long agonizing days.


Weekend Blog Follower Caravan #28 - GFC

Welcome to the Weekend Blog Follower Caravan #28!

I am always looking forward to join WBFC every week because aside from meeting new friends it also true to its purpose as everyone who joined  increases the number of their followers.

To all those who are visiting from WBFC #28, please follow my GFC located on top of my blog post.

This week's WBFC is sponsored by Travels and Familia Wanderers.


Our Anniversary Celebration

Bren and I are supposed to have a date on  our 3rd wedding anniversary last Sunday. We originally plan for a movie date because it has been ages since our last movie trip together. He was  planning  to work that day so  we agreed that the date will be in the evening right after dinner. When the most-awaited day came,  the movie date and all plans about the anniversary celebration has been cancelled. Bren woke up with rhinitis (his long-time companion)  and that made him stay at home for the rest of the day.

remembering our special day... Oct. 30, 2008.
Aside from the cancelled celebration, Bren also failed to attend  the  blessing of the new plant of the food company where we used to work  as "consultants". Since we are expected to be there so I head on and attended the blessing alone. The blessing went fine; me, myself and I  enjoyed the  sumptuous banquet they prepared. I wasn't able to take photos because I came in late.LOL! I had a chance to see some old friends working for the company and also learn some new techniques about the industry as Sir Jimmy (the owner's Uncle who also owns a food factory in Manila)  were so insistent to let me taste and evaluate the product they are planning to launch soon.

Some of their products...
I stayed for almost three hours and went home to check on Bella and Bren then again prepared  to meet a friend to plan for Bella's upcoming birthday. Since it was already late in the afternoon Julz and I shared a very good meal, actually a series of meals while discussing and looking for some stuff for Bella inside the mall.

Siomai Addicts!
we didn't watch... just checking what's the latest...
My parents  prepared a special meal for dinner but I was not able to join them  because I am already full from the food trip I had with Julz early on. As a make up for a busy day and as a substitute for the cancelled movie date,  Bren and I decided to watched our wedding video together. We were teasing each other as we watched some funny and memorable scenes during the wedding.

We still considered our wedding anniversary "celebration" special although we haven't done it the way we planned it to be. What's important is we both have each other and love each other to this very day (consolation...hehehe). Happy Anniversary Tachu. Looking forward to forever with you. Je t'aime.

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