Another Fab Giveaway

I am becoming addicted to online giveaways after joining my very first few weeks ago. While searching for another giveaway and online contest to join, I have come across Drowning Equilibriums Cava Bag Giveaway!

Please checkout their very stylish and fabulous handbags!

Do want to own any of these handbags? What are you waiting for? Check out the link and join for free!


Pasko sa Agosto: Black-Gray Pearl Necklace & Earrings Set Giveaway

The Christmas Spirit in August is here. Together with it,  is the Giveaway Caravan joined and sponsored by fellow bloggers. And  I don't want to be left out so I  am joining the Pasko sa Agosto: Black-Gray Pearl Necklace & Earrings Set Giveaway  by Diva Fabulosa!

What about you? Want to get hold of that gorgeous  black pearl jewelry set? Click on the link above and join! I can't wait to see who's the lucky winner of this giveaway! Join! Join!


Got A New Blogging Buddy!

I wanted to take blogging seriously. I started my first blog last year but it was just some sort of  a past time and an avenue of my boredom. This time is different. I am growing at the same time learning not just as a blogger but also  as a reader. I wanted to take my blogging into a different level and in order for me to do that, I'll be needing a blogging buddy. Introducing my new buddy...


Thanks to my ever supportive husband for this. With this new friend of mine, I can now post quality pictures and  capture all the beautiful things around me. Thanks be to God for this blessing. 


My Adgitize Account Is Back!

It really  feels  great when something you have worked for has paid off. I've posted about my Adgitize account having suspended due to the popup ads that appears on my blog every time you open it. I have been working on it for several days  but couldn't seem to resolve it.

Just the other day, in my post about the clicksor thing I said that I am hopeful that the concern is already answered. Indeed it is! After removing rankwidget from my blog, Adgitize reinstated it. Mr. Ken Brown has even used the word "Bingo" for making me solve the problem. And  the culprit? Rankwidget.com! Once again guys, please double check if you have widgets from rankwidget. 


There's An Unwanted Clicksor PopUp Ads On My Blog

A few days ago, I received an email from Adgitize informing me that my account  was turned off due to some unwanted popup ads. I first  thought  that they were just talking about the BlogUpp Ad I posted on my blog so I went right ahead and remove it. But when I requested Adgitize to check on my blog again I was informed that the problem was still there.

I tried removing all the recent ads I posted on my blog but still to no avail. I made some research on how to address this and I was brought back to my computer's settings. It said that  maybe it has something to do with my  popup blocker setting. Having done all the process stated on the article,  I was confident enough to request for another consideration from Adgitize but then again the popup ads  were still alive and kicking! Adgitize was actually considerate enough to give me suggestions on how to address it but for the nth time... still nothing changed.

I was thinking where did this problem came from since I couldn't see those ads from my own computer. Is it possible that all of you reading  my blog are the ones who can see it? Is this geographically set? I mean why are my friends from the US can see it but I never heard anything from my friends following my blog  from here in the Philippines?

Just a while ago while chatting with Mareng Claire, I told her about my concern with Adgitize and when she checked on my blog it was confirmed that there were CLICKSOR popup ads on my blog. How did it happen? I did not install any clicksor ad on it. I double checked all the html widgets on my blog and removed some others too but still I couldn't find where clicksor add is located. When I searched about clicksor I was brought to this site  wherein I was enlightened by the post and the comments from readers.

Trying all the suggestions from the post, I think and I do hope that the problem is solved. Do you want to know what made me say this? I asked help from a friend named Emy who are also based in the US  to have an exercise with me wherein I will do adjustments on my blog trying to install and unistall the widgets from rankwidget.com and have her checked on it.

And here's what she have observed...When I uninstalled the widgets from rankwidget, she couldn't see any popup ad but when I reinstalled the widget and have her checked my blog once more, there again she saw a lot of popups coming from my blog. I then tried uninstalling it and let  her check on it and she told me  that she  don't see the popups anymore. At least now, I am somehow sure enough to request Adgitize again  to reinstate my blog. I can't afford to lose Adgitize and I couldn't bear another suspension this time. Haven't I told you that this blog was also removed from Entrecard last year  because of those popup ads!

Anyway, I hope Adgitize will now approve my request. And if that happens, I have Ate Emy and Mareng Claire to thank for. And of course people from Adgitize as well. Lesson learned from what happened, be extra careful with the widgets you put on your blogs others project to be useful but they are just using your blog for their own interest.

To all of you guys, who have installed widgets from RankWidget.com please consider double checking your blogs this one might happen to you too. And please leave comment on this post if you happen to see popup ads. Thank you very much.


Help: Something Is Wrong With My Pages

I have already spent hours since yesterday figuring things out with the pages in my blog. The pages are originally on the top tabs but yesterday when I opened my blog I was so surprise to see that the pages are already in the sidebar! Does it really happen with blogger? I mean I did not touch anything. How can that be possible?

Given the situation, I immediately checked on the dashboard and edit the settings of the pages from side links to top tabs but to my dismay when I clicked the  "save arrangement" button,  the top tabs portion will just return to side links. I am not comfortable putting the pages on the side bar because it will just congest on the upper left portion. And I don't think it will look okay.

When I opted to click on the "don't show" part of the  pages and tried saving  it,   same  thing happened. It automatically changes from "don't show" to "side links". I've already researched this but when I tried the suggestions, it's still not working properly. I have  already sent feedback to Google. I'm just so confuse and desperate to have my pages back on the top tabs. 

Has anyone of you  here  came across the same problem? Can somebody give advise on what should be done with this? Please help! Sorry if I may sound hopeless I just can't help it. Any suggestion will be appreciated.


Tips for a Happy Marriage

I just would like to share to all the married couples  the message from the scroll given to us  as a  gift on the first  Christmas  that Bren and I were married way back in 2008. It is entitled "10 Sterling Tips for a Happy Marriage". I couldn't get a good shot at it so I would  enumerate it here...

  1. Love each other. Say "I love you" often and in different ways. Surprise each other with gifts of praise to show your love. Remember that love grows in an atmosphere of freedom and trust, not from restraint and obligation. Do things to keep your love and romance new and alive. Don't take love for granted,ever. 
  2. Listen objectively to each other as you would to a friend. Give each other the right to disagree. You don't want anyone to control your feelings, so don't try to own the feelings of the one you love.
  3. Never stop treating each other like sweethearts. Always do things to make the other one feel loved. Share the chores around the house. Work together in achieving your goals.
  4. Take care of each other. Put the other one first, but don't neglect your own needs either. Do the things that show interest in your partner's needs, desires and problems.
  5. Look to each other for help. Don't let your problems or concerns get out of hand and make you go opposite directions. You're in this life together. Be thankful.
  6. Talk about things together the way you would talk to friend. Absolutely refuse to say anything negative about your partner. Share your most important secrets, and never betray the secrets of your partner. Don't ever give upon your love.
  7. Settle the fact that you've made your choice and you're no longer looking for anyone else. Don't flirt. Think of the consequences. Don't consider it.
  8. Be in agreement about how your money is spent. Talk about how to manage your finances.
  9. When in doubt, ask yourself how you would want to be treated and then act accordingly. If you've argued, never go to sleep without a resolution.
  10. Add humor into your daily life. Have fun!

Marriage is  a long and winding journey. It takes a lot of  love, commitment, hard work, perseverance, endurance and a lot more virtues to make the marriage work. I personally believe in the messages written in the scroll that's why I still keep it with me. To keep us reminded, Bren and I read it together once  in while.


Improved Page Ranking

I am very grateful that the page rank of this blog has improved from 0 to 1. Although this blog was created  last year,  I only started blogging actively for more than just  a month. I  actually do not understand what PR really means to a site or to a blog because when I searched Mr. Google, he gave me a complicated equation and explanation regarding Page Ranking.Ha,ha,ha!

I want to do away from complications and whatever equations right now. Whatever PR means to this blog, I am just so thankful to all of you guys who never cease  to check out  my site. I hope that  through reading my posts,  I could share something  helpful and informative. 

I will do my best to update this blog as much as I  could. Although I don't understand the importance of PR,  I am very grateful for its improvement. A million thanks from the bottom of my heart.


Sunday Reflection: Why is Prayer Important?

Sunday is the Lord's day. With that, I would like to share with you my personal views on why prayer is  important for me.  I pray because God has commanded us to pray. It is  my way of communicating to my Maker. Prayer quiets my heart and clears my vision. It is also a way of demonstrating my faith.

When I'm happy, I pray. When I'm sad, I still pray. When I have problems, I pray believing that God has given me problems because I can overcome it. It is also an exercise of faith. I personally experience the power  and miracle of prayers. I believe that God make things happen when we pray. And one sure thing ... God answers prayers.


A Realization From The Movie Ice Princess

Watching movies nightly is part of my husband's daily routine. Movie  is his sleeping pill and an outlet from a tiresome day. I am not really into watching movies especially if it means paying for a ticket at the movie house. Hahahah! I could not even remember the last movie I watched.

Anyway, since Bren will be using the laptop to watch a film  (which means that I could not do my online stuff)  I therefore decided to join him. We watched the movie Ice Princess; a  2005 film by Walt Disney Pictures. Yes, it is an old movie but hubby wanted to watch his favorite movies over and over again and Ice Princess is one of them.

picture not mine

It  was my  first time watching  Ice Princess and as a parent, I was struck by its story. Casey Carlyle (Michelle Trachtenberg), a bookworm and physics genius realized that being in Harvard is not her personal dream but a dream of her mom for her and she was giving it up to pursue her new found dream; to be a professional figure skater.

Being a parent myself, I understand that Casey's mom only wanted the best for her  but I also realized  that parents do not own their children and their  future. They are only God's "babysitters" and "caretakers" and the best thing that they  should do is  guide them  to develop their  talents and potentials for them to be prepared for  the  future. I am sure that with the love and support of  the  family around them, any child  will surely  succeed in all their endeavors. 


Repair or Replace Car Windshield

It has been two weeks now since the car was left  in the garage. My husband did not want to use it because of its cracked  windshield. The cracked windshield was  noticed when Mama was cleaning the car some two weeks ago. We could not figure out what  caused it until we realized that it was parked uncovered under our very own mango tree. The windshield was hardly hit by a falling mango fruit.

We are currently waiting for the quotation whether to repair or replaced it. Car windshields are usually expensive but we could not just opt to have it repaired for safety reasons. Prices for car windshield like ours  ranges from 6,000.00 pesos to 8,000 pesos excluding labor and  miscellaneous fees and that amount is huge considering that it is not part of our regular expenses.

The windshield is an important part of any vehicle and  we are planning to have it repaired as  soon as the Mechanic and materials are available. It is another big slash on my budget but since the car is a necessity on my husband's work, replacing the car windshield has  become a priority.


Sunday Mass Message

I don't consider myself religious but I am a believer of Christ. Since my pregnancy I seldom go to church to attend Sunday mass but I somehow compensate it with reading bible passages or watching Sunday TV Mass on Studio 23. But today is different, I woke up early thinking of going to church with Bella. While I was preparing for church, I saw that   Bella is already  sleepy  so I decided to leave her with my mother at home and went to church with my cousin.

photo credit from http://www.creationism.org/books/BibleInPictures

Today's gospel is from Matthew Chapter 14:25-32. It didn't memorize the exact verses  from the bible but I understand that it talks about faith. Though Christian but human as we are, our faith sometimes falter just like Peter on the Gospel but Jesus is always there to save us reminding us to take courage and not be afraid. 

I thank God for giving me  the strength and courage to attend mass today.  I felt blessed. Thanks be to God. 


Crazy Over Templates

Literally, I've gone crazy searching for a  new template for this blog.  I have been to different free templates sites  to look for the one that suits my taste. And finally, I was able to download several templates for my different blogs.  Wheww!!! Few hours of sitting in front of the computer are all worth it.

Please check out my finished products:

                         Anything About Bella 
                         Life and Journey of the Father and Son 
                         Food  and Food Trips

Although most of it  still needs a lot of  organization but I'm happy to say that all are "Work In Progress" and somehow progressing. I am even happier that I did it without spending a single penny.


Organizing Bloggers Link

At long last, I'm finally done organizing the bloggers link in my pages. I really would want to put the links in my side bar which is more visible to visitors but with the widgets all around, it already looks crowded. It took me a little  while to organize it and put everything in place since I am also in the process of arranging some stuff on the new site for Bella.

Another thing is... I will also be taking over as the new admin of my nephew's blog since he will be more busy with school and the basketball varsity thing. The blog will still be sharing the story of a father (my brother who is now working overseas)  and his son (who is now living with us) but from an aunt's point of view. This blog also aims to connect both of them but most especially for my brother to keep tract on his son's activities while he is away.

Organizing and checking on the site's links has somehow gave me a new outlook in blogging since I had an opportunity to visit all of  my links. I felt sad that some of the blogs are already non-existent but  there are still reasons to feel good because new links were also added.   To all those who would want to exchange link with me please don't hesitate to leave your  comment on my posts or leave messages in my cbox  so I can add you in my list. 

Confused with Blogger

Blogging has somehow become a way of life for me, well at least for the past few weeks. In one of my posts I have mentioned that I will be creating a new blog site for my little girl. I actually work on it earlier today but I got confused along the way.  

Dashboards and Page Elements of the old and new blogs are somewhat different. There is a feature in the new dashboard about creating a new blog and when I tried it I actually did not understand how it works. The new blog is  going to be a sub domain of the original blog. Huh! I am confused... I committed mistakes in creating a new site for Bella and it leads to me to go back from square one which means I need to make another email add to register for a new blog... I am obviously  very confused.

Anyway, persistent as I always be,  I actually did not go to bed until I created a new blog site for Bella. The new site is entitled "Anything About Bella".  The site is still "under construction" as of the posting of this blog  since it will consume huge amount of  time  to  put everything in place. Please support me and my little girl in this endeavor. And with that new dashboard thing?? I will surely figure it out in no time. Thanks in advance for following.


Mission Accomplished

My day started early because I usually woke up late. It usually starts at around 10:00AM but today is different. I need to be up earlier than the usual because I have a lot of things to do. Top of the list are the bank transactions I need to finish on behalf of my husband. 

Here's the long list of the things that needs to be done today.... (1) Get clearance at the Barangay Hall, (2) Photocopy  documents for the car, (3) Submit requirements at AMPC, (4) Follow up Philhealth Claims, (5) Go to Banco de Oro and RCBC... and the list goes on...

this made my day...

It is such a long day for me but I believe that nothing is impossible if you start moving. I somehow miss busy days  especially when I decided to stay at home to be a full time mom but nothing is so fulfilling than seeing your baby grow before your very eyes. I thank God for giving me strenght to survive this day and I did not just survived it , I conquered it. Mission Accomplished!  Before heading home, I rewarded myself with a fries and spaghetti at  McDonalds. It made my day complete.


Grab a Crab Birthday Treat

As a full time homemaker I seldom go out to party with my  friends. Since my hands are full with little Bella , most of the time I just go out when necessary. I  just went to the mall to shop for Bella's needs like milk, diaper, toys and some stuff for her. I usually don't  even bother to buy a decent something for myself   but it is fine with me because I am already contented knowing that my Bella have the best of everything.

Just a few days ago,  I received a text message from one of my MBA friends inviting me to attend a  birthday dinner at Grab A Crab restaurant in Abreeza Mall. It will be  Alex's birthday treat for all  of his MBA friends. I was undecided at first because the place is far from ours and I don't want to leave Bella at home but I eventually join them after thinking that this event could somehow be a space for me and an opportunity to meet the friends I seldom see.

 a pose  with  their menu
It was my first time going to Abreeza Mall and it was even made unforgettable with this celebration. I really enjoyed the night with my MBA buddies.  The food was delightful  and  we burped our heart out with the specialty of the the house. Crabs and more crabs... it was even made exciting with their unusually big serving of fruit shakes and I really enjoyed my  tasteful durian shake.

my MBA buddies

It was a night well spent and I am so glad I went there. It was a break from my daily routine at home and it made me feel good. Thank you Alex for the birthday treat and I am looking forward for more of this in the future.
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