Creating A New Blog Site

Blogging really gives me new strength and inspiration everyday. It is what keeps my mind active. It brings me to the different parts of the world without leaving the comforts of my own home. It also connects me to the world   that I have never been to. 

I was actually thinking of exploring more of  the blogging world by creating a new  blog site dedicated to my bundle of joy. I am so much inspired by  Bella's daily progress and I want to put it in writing for her to read on someday. It is also an avenue for her to know me better as a mom and also a place for her to look back when she is already of age.

Bella's latest picture taken last 07/11/11

Can anybody give a good suggestion on what would be the best name for the new site? The site will be talking more about Bella... her daily activities, her friends, her stuff and other stuff about babies... Your suggestions will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Birthday Wishes

After more than a year of exposure in the blogging world I have come to realize that time spent blogging, blogwalking, adgitizing and meeting online friends are all worth it. With that,  I would like to thank a very dear friend Mareng Claire who encouraged me to do it. She was actually the very first person who believes that I can write. 

@ KD's baptism... A pose with his pretty mom and ninangs.. (picture borrowed from Claire)
As she celebrates her birthday today , I would like to greet her with much joy and love and wish her a more blessed year with Tommy and KD. Thank you very much for  being such a dear friend and for always being there in good and bad times... Happy Birthday and may you have good health and more wealth for the  years to come;)


Working Late

Work is a means of earning  livelihood to support the family and I am very thankful for my husband's line of work.  He is a Mechanical Engineer by profession but most of his job experiences  are lined with food production or food manufacturing. He is  a workaholic by nature  to the point of sacrificing his day offs just to get things done. Today, he goes off to work earlier than his usual time  because they are expecting visitors and auditors from USA. I  just received a call from him telling me that he will be working late tonight. He don't know what time he will be home but he can possibly come  home by  tomorrow morning. You see how workaholic he is? That would be more than 24 hours of work...

As a wife all I can do is support him and pray for his safety. I really admire his attitude towards work. He is the type of employee who will never leave things undone at work and who are always willing to sacrifice ( in whatever ways) for the good of the company. He is not just workaholic... He is also loyal because he believes that doing his earthly work is also fulfilling his heavenly duty.

Although he works very hard he also knows how to party and take a much needed  break from work when necessary as he is  somehow  trying to live a balance life.

I am so blessed having Bren as my husband. He is not just a husband  but  also a friend whom I can talk too and share my greatest dreams and thoughts and even with his busy schedule at work , he still manages to call me several times daily  just to check on me and our baby. I am indeed  lucky and I thank God for that.



Mangga at Bagoong (Mango and Shrimp Paste)

A mango tree is already standing in the lawn when we acquired the house. Our neighbor said that it has been there for almost 2 decades. We have been in this house for almost two years now and that mango tree has been very generous to us. We really enjoyed  its  blessing . My parents has gathered  enough quantity this season though some has defects due to heavy rain.

My parents are kind enough to give some to our neighbors since we cannot consume it by ourselves. There are still more left and they  are planning to sell it out in the nearby market. Even though I am not pregnant , I can't stand but crave and salivate thinking of mangga and bagoong...Yum..Yum... I just felt the craving and I am giving in.

Mangga and Bagoong for me is the best pair ever. Bagoong is more  appetizing if mixed  with vinegar and hot  chili.  Oh, so yummy... So mouth - watering ! 

An Unconventional Afternoon Merienda

 Food  for merienda are usually light. Mostly it is consists of a piece of bread or a stick of banana cue or a slice of cake paired with juice, soda or water. Today, hubby  and I shared a very unconventional afternoon merienda. It was actually our first time eating food  like that as  merienda. Hubby took a half day leave from work due to  the condition of his left eye. I was actually glad that he went home early for him to take some rest because he  has been working almost everyday for the last six months.

breakfast in the afternoon
Eating good food is one of his weaknesses. He actually eats more than five times a day which sometimes made me complain on his budget for canteen. Since he went home from work earlier today, it is expected that he will be asking for food as merienda for that afternoon and I am actually not prepared for it. To my surprise, instead of asking his fave burger or bread with filling he asked me to prepare some egg omelet,  fried dried fish with spicy vinegar and rice which I prepared without delay.

 We happily shared an afternoon merienda which we rarely do. We  both had a big burp after drinking our fave Cola.   Hubby really had a good rest after eating  And I as a wife was even so happy thinking that he was satisfied with what I have prepared for him.


Sunday Meal : Patotin (Stewed Duck)

We are so looking forward to Sundays. It is a special day for the family because it is the time where everybody is around  to take some rest from the week's work  and share  sumptuous meal prepared by our very dear parents. Mama and Papa always exert extra effort to cook delectable food every Sunday. Sunday is also a time where we do bible sharing. Our family actually has different religious beliefs.

My sister and her family is a born again Christian, my mother attends mass at  UCCP and my husband and I together with my father and brother are Catholics but these differences is not a big issue for us. We all agree that what ever religion we belong,  we all serve the same God and that is Jesus Christ. We are all affirmative that for a family to have peace and unity, Christ must be the center of it. I do miss our bible sharing  sessions because our facilitator has now transferred to Cagayan de Oro.

This Sunday though we are not complete,  it  is still very special for us because Papa prepared his specialty the "Patotin" or Stewed Duck (from my uncle's farm 4 hours away from  our place). He usually cook it whole but he made an exemption today due to our request to chop it into small parts. The family shared a very  mouth-watering lunch today made even enjoyable with  bottomless RC Cola.

cooked in firewood - truly a labor of love

My father believed that food cooked in firewood tastes better compared with those that are cooked in gas ranges. So there it goes!

finished product -  spicy patotin

Since it is a special day for the family Papa served it with extra effort on the food's presentation. The Patotin is a bit  spicy that when you eat much you will feel  your mouth burning but you will still want for more.

best served with rice and more rice

Spicy Patotin is best served with rice anytime of the day. I actually ate it  again as my afternoon  merienda. It is also best as "pulutan" or a  partner of  ice cold beer or rhum.

I really enjoyed Sundays and so looking forward to it every week. It is the Lord's day and also our family day. Praying for more Sundays like this one.



Hopefully It's Home

One of human's basic necessity is to have a home or a shelter. I believe that  every family deserves to have a place called home. For me, a home is a place wherein you can live comfortably and peacefully with your loved ones. Being at home in one's place   doesn't measure time or distance but being around the people you love and who loves you back.

 As of the writing of this post, one family I love the most is currently  on their way to a place they  will  hopefully call home. They are the Reposar's... My sister's family. Together with our own families, we actually lived in the same roof for almost a year before they decided to rent a place of their own in an area near us. Even though they are living separately, we are still seeing each other everyday of our lives. We share lunches and dinners practically  everyday. That set up is going on for almost a year until  my sister and my brother-in-law decided to go home to Cagayan de Oro; an 8-hour bus ride from our place...

 The decision came as a  surprise to all of us. My mother was even so emotional about it because she will definitely miss her darling grandson, Yoshirou. She was a hands-on grandma to him... bathing him, looking after him, putting him to sleep and even doing unusual things just to make Yoshi  happy and comfortable and even laugh his heart out. My father was just taking it calmly but I know deep inside him he was saddened by the decision. I don't know how  and what to react but Bren and I are supportive about it. This family is actually moving to and fro  Davao and Cagayan  several  times for the last 3 years. I even joke around my sister telling her to  blog about the "art of moving from one house to another or either moving from place to place" because I am very sure  she can give a lot of  helpful tips.;)

Everybody in the house seems so lonely. We had our early dinner tonight and everyone seems so quite. Is this what they call "separation anxiety'? We will eventually  get over it and move on with our daily lives. I will be missing a lot of things about them especially with my sister. My one greatest regret is not continuing with our driving lessons. Now I can't drive by myself and I don't have anybody to turn to if I'll be needing a driver...tsk..tsk.. I was actually thinking of enrolling into a driving school before this month ends. Life goes on, you know...

Yoshi riding  Kuya's bicycle for the last time
I hope and pray that they will finally find their place. A place they can call home. A place where they will raise Yoshi to be a person God wants him to be.  A place they can call their own. A place where they can  find security and live happily and peacefully. Hopefully it's home...


Prayer Before Work

Work is a gift from God. He actually commands us to work for us to provide for our earthly needs.  He wanted us to be successful in our craft because it is part of His plans for us. He wanted us to share our talents and abilities because by doing so we are partaking on His plans to be co-creators here on earth. But there are times that we failed to acknowledge that having work is just one aspect of our being human and it should not be the center of our life. It should be God because everything belongs to Him.

A lot of working people I know do not have much time to say a prayer before they go to work or before they will start their day at work. I used to be guilty of it. Sometimes due to our busy mind and busy schedules we forgot to even say hi or good morning to our Maker. We didn't intentionally want it but we are at  times complacent about that certain duty. Maybe we forgot that everything comes from Him and He could take back everything we have in just a blink of an eye and we do not want that to happen.
I would like to share with you this simple prayer I found at my husband's cellular phone.  I do not know if he was the one who made this or he just saw it from somewhere else and  took picture of it. I hope  you can find time to read  and reflect on this before starting your day.

I pray that this simple prayer will somehow help us reunite with our Maker on a daily basis. Have a blessed working day!


First Taste of Solid Food

Every mother wants the best for her baby especially when it comes to their health. As a fulltime mom, I made sure that I gave my little girl what's best for her that is why I am breastfeeding her until now. I couldn't believe that she has grown so big  now and I was so amazed thinking that for the first six months of  her life she was dependent on me for her food  and I  thank God that I have enough milk for her needs. It is actually a big achievement on my part breastfeeding her up to now and I know it is worth the  sacrifice.

I  can still remember  how excited I was when she turned six months old because it is the right time for her to have her first taste of solid food. I woke up early that morning to prepare  for my baby's "special day". Armed with her BPA Free Spoon and Bowl ( a baptismal gift from Ninang Guada), I prepared Bella's first ever solid food.Though I preferred to feed her with fresh fruits and veggies I still decided to give her cerelac for a start. She obviously enjoyed her food and I am so thankful that she consumed all of it without delay.

That actually was the first and I think would be the last time Bella would eat food like cerelac because when I gave her again the next day she already refused it. She preferred biscuits, breads and vegetables like potato and squash. As of the moment, Bella occasionally eat  vegetables with little rice. It is such a joy seeing her grow everyday.
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