CDO Vacation: Enjoying Xavier Days

Hi everyone! I am very sorry for leaving this blog deserted for quite a while to give way to my  much-awaited vacation in Cagayan de Oro City. Visiting CdO has been in our calendar for a few months already. It was not actually a grand vacation because  hubby was left behind at home  but  nevertheless Bella, Macky and the rest of the family including me  had  a wonderful and memorable sojourn in Cagayan de Oro.

The statue of  St. Francis Xavier
I could not compress in one post what I have experienced  in my two weeks stay  in CdO but I will be sharing it to you one by one in my future posts. My long vacation includes shopping, decorating and cooking for Yoshi's birthday party, a pool party, a college reunion party, dinners and lunches  with family and friends and of course party and wandering at my beloved Alma Mater during the Xavier University Festival Days.

Grinning after availing a FREE HUG from a handsome college student.LOL!
with my dear Bingkay... a bestfriend, sister, kumare...
CIT Christmas Tree

Another unforgettable part of my visit during Xavier Days was the chance to have a long bonding time with one of college best friends  in her Siomai Station at the Soccer field inside the University. Of course, it gives me an access to eat unlimited siomai. I will make a special blog post  about Ludy's Siomai in my foodie blog later.

Kuys Erwin, his pretty wife Emily, Siomai Princess Bingkay and Myself.

It really  feels great to be visiting my Alma Mater and enjoying its festivities  after 12 long years. I saw a lot of  improvement especially on its physical structure. Another thing that surprised me was the way the students get in and out the University because of their security and ID system.

Looks like scanning for an MRT ride.LOL
The students will have to scan their ID before they can get inside the campus and  scan again  before they can go out. There was this big TV screen  that flashes the face, the name and ID number of everyone who scans. Hi -tech eh? Lol!

That's all for now friends. Thank you for keeping this blog alive  for the past few days. I will be returning the favor real soon.


  1. hey rovz, buti na lang din pala at di mo sinama si bren, dahil hindi ka sana nakakuha ng free hug from a college dude. hehe! hi-tech naman nun school. i remember inabot ko din yung barcode scanning ng IDs namin nung college ako sa UST, pero para lang sya yung mga scanner sa grocery, hindi ganyan na parang turnstile sa MRT. hehe! post ka pa ng pichurs at happenings mo sa CdO. aabangan ko yun ah. really glad that you're back in blogging. na-miss ko ang mga kuwento mo eh :)

  2. so enjoyable ang xavier days with you sis!!

  3. at talaga namang na busy ka sa two - weeks, he he...daming kainan dun ah...

  4. Kagaya mo sis KM, susunod sunurin ko ang post about sa bakasyon ko... Hehehe

    Dami nga talagang kainan flo..Nadagdagan ang timbang eh.. Hehehe

    Enjoy talaga sis Allyn... Thanks to all of you...

  5. Hi Rovs! Nice to see those pics and those sweet smiles on your face. There's no doubt that you've really enjoyed your 2 weeks CDO vacay. Bilib naman ako sa alma mater mo, high tech ah. That's a good way to tighten the security in the campus.

    Welcome back to blogging Sis, at least may nabasa na akong bagong post...hehehe.

  6. Hahahah! Thanks Sis krizza... Ikaw naman ang susunod na magbabakasyon...

  7. eto naman ang Thursday Brownies at Wednesday White visit ko. Isali mo na din ito sa Nostalgia at bibisitahin ko ulit :D

  8. @KM: hindi pa ako masyado familiar sa nostalgia sis.. Sige lang dadaanan ko yun one time... Hehehe

    Salamat sa dalaw at sa paulit ulit na dalaw...

  9. Eto naman ang para sa Color Connection. Haha! Meron pang Colorful Weekend. I-check mo sa blog ko yung meme badge nun, kadadagdag ko lang. Sa Lunes naman, pwede din 'to sa Blue Monday. Bibisitahin ko ulit 'to. Hehe!

  10. great memories! thanks for sharing your photos!

    Thanks for joining Wednesday Whites!
    Visiting as a host and from my entries,

    raya of colors and contrasts

  11. Fun photos!

    Thanks for joining!

  12. hahaha maayo ng style na scanning sa ID kay aron way tikas...kay basig di diay to studyante diha, hahaha galaag-laag diay ka Rovz..hehe TY sa visit.

  13. Hi Rovie! Ang saya naman ng post mo! You have so many colors going on in your blog, it's wonderful! Hope you can also join my Colorful Weekend link party! I host it on my blog every week{end} to celebrate the colors that we love. You can share old or new posts, photos of kids, landscape, art, crafts, recipes, happening, anything with color! It's a great tandem to other memes.

    It's over at www.nshimaservings.com. {In fact, it's still happening so I hope you link up!} Hope to see you there sometime!

  14. Wow! high tech na high tech na talaga si XU! Galing naman! :)

    Visiting for WW! Better late than never, right? ;-)

    in Trento Agusan Sur
    Fila for Him

  15. I missed CDO so very much :-( Xavier is a great school. I did not you went to school there :-) Thank you for sharing. Dropping some love for WW, hope that you can return the favor too.


  16. great statue, loved it :-) I missed CDO very much :-( I hope to visit next Summer. Dropping some love this time for Thursday Brownies, hope that you can return the favor too.


  17. Chada Cagayan! ka-hitech na sa school oi...nice pud kaayo mga decors ...I'm sure pirting laag ninyo ni Bella :)

  18. Wow, in fairness, marami ka ng naishare in this post about your vacay. I love it! Super saya ng mga pics!

    I have a new post about my wedding reception here in Taiwan. You may want to go reading first before the other sissies come over. haha. Love yah!

    How's my dear baby Bella by the way?

  19. Missing CDO:( Thank's for sharing these photos..

    Visiting late for TB! Hope you can visit mine too..

    Please click the link to comment back:)


  20. Uy! Finally at may kuento na tungkol sa bakasyon mo Rovz. I have been long waiting for this even before I left for Zambo.

    Good for yah, you had the chance to bond with old friends. I never got the opportunity to go visit my Alma Mater here because of my hectic schedules. But hopefully, one day, I will. Kala mo naman ang layo ng location ng school ko, LOL!

    Uy ha! Sobrang hi tech nga ng ID system nila. I wonder if other schools in the country do it the same way. Matagal na akong di estudyante eh, hahaha! I feel ancient, LOL!

  21. Ancient ka na? Panu na lang ako? Hehehe... Unang bugso pa lang ng kwento ito sis... There's more to come. Hanap pa lang ng time...

    Thanks for dropping by...

  22. wow! Ang high tech na nga talaga ng ID system nila dyan!


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