Our Anniversary Celebration

Bren and I are supposed to have a date on  our 3rd wedding anniversary last Sunday. We originally plan for a movie date because it has been ages since our last movie trip together. He was  planning  to work that day so  we agreed that the date will be in the evening right after dinner. When the most-awaited day came,  the movie date and all plans about the anniversary celebration has been cancelled. Bren woke up with rhinitis (his long-time companion)  and that made him stay at home for the rest of the day.

remembering our special day... Oct. 30, 2008.
Aside from the cancelled celebration, Bren also failed to attend  the  blessing of the new plant of the food company where we used to work  as "consultants". Since we are expected to be there so I head on and attended the blessing alone. The blessing went fine; me, myself and I  enjoyed the  sumptuous banquet they prepared. I wasn't able to take photos because I came in late.LOL! I had a chance to see some old friends working for the company and also learn some new techniques about the industry as Sir Jimmy (the owner's Uncle who also owns a food factory in Manila)  were so insistent to let me taste and evaluate the product they are planning to launch soon.

Some of their products...
I stayed for almost three hours and went home to check on Bella and Bren then again prepared  to meet a friend to plan for Bella's upcoming birthday. Since it was already late in the afternoon Julz and I shared a very good meal, actually a series of meals while discussing and looking for some stuff for Bella inside the mall.

Siomai Addicts!
we didn't watch... just checking what's the latest...
My parents  prepared a special meal for dinner but I was not able to join them  because I am already full from the food trip I had with Julz early on. As a make up for a busy day and as a substitute for the cancelled movie date,  Bren and I decided to watched our wedding video together. We were teasing each other as we watched some funny and memorable scenes during the wedding.

We still considered our wedding anniversary "celebration" special although we haven't done it the way we planned it to be. What's important is we both have each other and love each other to this very day (consolation...hehehe). Happy Anniversary Tachu. Looking forward to forever with you. Je t'aime.



  1. Belated happy anniversary.

    Super sweet naman yong pinanoood nyo together ang wedding video nyo. O diba? At least kahit di natuloy as planned, kakaiba pa rin ang celebration.

    BTW, how's Bella's party's prep going? I hope all is going smoothly. Mukhang super busy ka sa preparations eh, hehe.

  2. Thanks Lainz...

    About party prep, actually nagsisimula na pa unti unti... hehehe... as if gaano ka laki ang preparations noh? Kunyari lang yung busy...

    Hopefully I can work out everything before Bella's big day especially the budget.Hehehe...

    Thanks for being my first commenter...

  3. Hi Rovs! It's okay...celebrations don't need to be grand or super special, ang mahalaga andun yung celebrants. Sometimes, just a plain greeting is enough as long as it comes from your heart! (wow...ang corny ko Ning!)kinikilabutan ako. Hahaha!!

  4. Hahaha... Totoo naman sis Krizza. Ang celebration isang araw lang yan ang mas matagal yung pagsasamahan pa ninyo...

    Surely marami pang pagkakataon to have a grand celebration.

    Salamat sa dalaw sis...

  5. Hello ate Rovie! Wow! I'm so happy for you. Belated happy anniversary. :) I agree with you ate. The most important part of anniversary is being with the one you love. Chos. Hehe. Mas masaya kung di masayadong planado.

  6. Thanks for swinging by here gene... In whatever be happy lang. Sanay naman kami ni Bren na hindi talaga nagse-celebrate ng anniversary in a "bonggang way".

    Sa Silver or Golden Wedding Anniversary na lang...

  7. bongga!!! happy anniversary!

    hopping from Thursday Brownies! here's my entry, see yah there!

  8. hey rovz, dahil binalikan mo ako for Thursday Brownies, eto ding round na 'to ang Thursday Brownies visit ko sa'yo. lol.

    nakakatuwa talaga kayo nila rizza at lainey. palitan at sunuran lang kayo ng comments :)

    nagbibilang na lang ako ng oras tapos lilipad na kami papuntang Pinas. yehey! hindi na nga ata ako matutulog ngayong gabi para Philippines time na ang body clock ko. hehe! sige promise, kahit quickie post lang ng picture gagawin ko - yung pwedeng isali sa meme na picture << meme pa din eh. adik talaga. haha!

    hugs! ingat lagi and hi to bren and bella baby :)

  9. wait lang, na remember ko nag comment ako dito kanina pero wala ? saan napunta ? lol. 'cause i remember i asked you sa comment ko kanina kung ano yung mga naka-sako sa picture? saka binati kita ng belated happy anniversary. tapos sabi ko, next year sabay ulit tayo ng anniversary :D

  10. Ah... nawala ba yun? Hahaha... Hindi na siguro kinaya sa dami ng comments mo sis...

    So happy for you at finally makakapag bakasyon ka na din dito sa Pinas. Yung nasa sako mga unflavored curls yan. Ang finished products parang chiz curls but different brand lang...

    Belated Happy Anniversary din sa inyo. Enjoy your vacation. Don't worry aalagaan naman ang "More Than Sexy".Hehe


  11. Belated Happy Anniversary!

    awww, that's so sweet! so sorry that it didn't come out exactly as planned, but what's more important is that you still had that 'special time' together on that special day. :)

    thanks for visiting my Thursday Brownies post and following via gfc. followed you back. :)

    happy weekend!

  12. Nagbabalik! How's your weekend, Rovz? Hope you're having a fab one with the family.

    Uy! FC pala ako dito. Buti naman at nakauna, LOL!

  13. Thanks mymy for visiting and for taking time to comment...

    Salamat Lainz sa pagbabalik... Hehehe... Ikaw nga ang FC ko...


  14. At muling bumalik, hahaha! Kakagising ko lang Rovz, HAd my nap. I was too drowsy earlier to do bloghopping. Been to church so early.

    Love and Hugs to you and Bella from me!

  15. Congratulations and happy anniversary! Thanks for joining Brownies (oh I miss siomai lol). :) - Mirage

  16. awwwwwww...congratulations guys! way to go....am sure babawi si banana puhon...kami pag anniversary simple ra ang celeb...kapoy na ug gasto...hehehe...joke!

    agi ko dire kadali mamiRovs...thanks sa visit ug comment....:)

    about diay atong mga indian...in adto na jud to sila manamit...pag tugnaw silong sila sa ila tepee...nya ila gamit kay wool cloth lang nga habol...ehehhe!

  17. Salamat sa pagbabalik Sis Lainz. Babalikan din kita. Hahaha

    Thanks Gmirage. My first time joining Thursday Brownies and I'm enjoyinh it.

    Salamat sa pagbisita Mrs.D. Mas maau bitaw ng simple lang pag celebrate aron dili ra kaau gasto. Hehe

    Thanks pud kaayo sa tidbits about those Indians. Tinuod jud diay sila noh abi nako sa salida lang...Hehehe

  18. Happy Anniversary to you both Sis Rovie :-) keep the love on fire :-) dropping some love for Thursday Brownies, thank you for the visit too :-)


  19. Hehehe. Okay lang naman yun ate. The important thing is magkasama kau. Definition of a bonggang anniversary for me is being together with the man you love, chos. :D

    Anyway, ito pala sagot ko sa comment mo sa latest post ko :D

    so if maredirect ko ate, maopen pa rin previous posts ko noh? i mean walang 404 error ba yun? :D akala ko pagnagredirect, babalik din pr rank the moment magupdate ang google. :D

    thanks ate! ano fb mo? :)

  20. Yes ma open pa rin yung lahat ng posts mo except lang sa mga links mo and other widget na kailangan mo i add ulit using your new domain.

    Ang pinaka big deal lang naman is losing your page rank if ok lang sayo wala namang problema... Hindi na babalik PR mo. From 2-48hours ang redirection nya.

  21. hay sus..sa house na lang mo mag movie..with Bella pa hahaha. belated happy anniv diay rovz. hehe.

    wa unta ka nagpa late...daghan unta ka entry sa imo foodie blog hehe

  22. Mao jud unta te kat. sa dihang naay bana nga gi allergy unya naa pa jud baby...hahaha.

    Bawi na lang sunod te. Salamat sa pag agi...

  23. how sweet. happy wedding anniversary.sometimes, being together cuddling and talking sweet nothing is more than enough to bring out the fire:)


  24. such a sweet yet a simple celebration. happy anniversary to both of you.
    visiting you back for Thursday Brownies.

    Pinay Mom in Germany

  25. di pala ako nakacomment hahah.. feeling ko dumalaw na ako dito nung isang araw.. pag-tan-aw nako sa commment hala wala lagi akong ngalan.. lol..

    happy anniv Rovs... unsa na product nila? mais? thanks for dropping by :)

  26. belated happy anniversary! all the best and more years to come..

    feel free to stop by at my blogs when u have time..
    Europe Travel Pad
    Countryside Trip
    Travel Snapshots

  27. belated happy anniversary!
    sorry ngayon lang nakapag-greet

  28. sorry rove, now lng ako naka comment sa post na to.., maybe the time this was posted sobrang busy at ngarag ang beautyness ko.. anyways.. better late than never.. he he... merry christmas na lang para advance...

    sa rhinitis pala ni papa Bren, pa consult na lang kayo sa doc para mabigyan ng prescription.. he he, para mas sweet...

    i remember nung hinatid nyo kami sa sakayan nung paalis na kami sa inyo.... you and bren... SWEET!... he he

  29. @Flo: Okay lang friend, I understand... Oo lagi talagang nagpapa consult sa doctor si Bren... There was one time nga na pinilit nya ang doctor na i admit sya dahil nahihirapan syang huminga eh...

    Sweet bah? Hehehe... I'm loving my life with him... Thanks be to God!

  30. Good to see you here! Thanks for joining my Scarlet Wednesday, Hope to see you again next week.. A happy anniversary to both of you. May our good Lord continue to bless you both being happy with each others companion.xx

  31. Congrats gurl! Visiting from Scarlet Wednesday Here's mine thanks! Anne’s Sweet Life


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