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There's An Unwanted Clicksor PopUp Ads On My Blog

A few days ago, I received an email from Adgitize informing me that my account  was turned off due to some unwanted popup ads. I first  thought  that they were just talking about the BlogUpp Ad I posted on my blog so I went right ahead and remove it. But when I requested Adgitize to check on my blog again I was informed that the problem was still there.

I tried removing all the recent ads I posted on my blog but still to no avail. I made some research on how to address this and I was brought back to my computer's settings. It said that  maybe it has something to do with my  popup blocker setting. Having done all the process stated on the article,  I was confident enough to request for another consideration from Adgitize but then again the popup ads  were still alive and kicking! Adgitize was actually considerate enough to give me suggestions on how to address it but for the nth time... still nothing changed.

I was thinking where did this problem came from since I couldn't see those ads from my own computer. Is it possible that all of you reading  my blog are the ones who can see it? Is this geographically set? I mean why are my friends from the US can see it but I never heard anything from my friends following my blog  from here in the Philippines?

Just a while ago while chatting with Mareng Claire, I told her about my concern with Adgitize and when she checked on my blog it was confirmed that there were CLICKSOR popup ads on my blog. How did it happen? I did not install any clicksor ad on it. I double checked all the html widgets on my blog and removed some others too but still I couldn't find where clicksor add is located. When I searched about clicksor I was brought to this site  wherein I was enlightened by the post and the comments from readers.

Trying all the suggestions from the post, I think and I do hope that the problem is solved. Do you want to know what made me say this? I asked help from a friend named Emy who are also based in the US  to have an exercise with me wherein I will do adjustments on my blog trying to install and unistall the widgets from and have her checked on it.

And here's what she have observed...When I uninstalled the widgets from rankwidget, she couldn't see any popup ad but when I reinstalled the widget and have her checked my blog once more, there again she saw a lot of popups coming from my blog. I then tried uninstalling it and let  her check on it and she told me  that she  don't see the popups anymore. At least now, I am somehow sure enough to request Adgitize again  to reinstate my blog. I can't afford to lose Adgitize and I couldn't bear another suspension this time. Haven't I told you that this blog was also removed from Entrecard last year  because of those popup ads!

Anyway, I hope Adgitize will now approve my request. And if that happens, I have Ate Emy and Mareng Claire to thank for. And of course people from Adgitize as well. Lesson learned from what happened, be extra careful with the widgets you put on your blogs others project to be useful but they are just using your blog for their own interest.

To all of you guys, who have installed widgets from please consider double checking your blogs this one might happen to you too. And please leave comment on this post if you happen to see popup ads. Thank you very much.


  1. ganun ba, sa rank widget ba iyon? i need to check...

  2. isa ko ring blog di inaprove kasi me pop up din na di ko alam kung saan galing... lol.. thanks sis for the drop :)


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