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Got A New Blogging Buddy!

I wanted to take blogging seriously. I started my first blog last year but it was just some sort of  a past time and an avenue of my boredom. This time is different. I am growing at the same time learning not just as a blogger but also  as a reader. I wanted to take my blogging into a different level and in order for me to do that, I'll be needing a blogging buddy. Introducing my new buddy...


Thanks to my ever supportive husband for this. With this new friend of mine, I can now post quality pictures and  capture all the beautiful things around me. Thanks be to God for this blessing. 


  1. wow! nice camera...
    kinarir na talaga hahaha

  2. hahaha... kaya nga eh... isa ka sa mga inspirasyon ko sa pagkarir ko ng blogging na to...

  3. Wow...cute. I have one, too. SONY din mukang parehas nga eh. hehehe...

  4. congratz on your new buddy Rovz! career na jud ni ba hehehe WTG! :D


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