It's a Girl !

I have been quite busy this past few days tending to some important things. I have started my review on IELTS because I am planning to take an exam next month. My online life has been somehow set aside. I miss blogging and adgitizing. I miss you guys!

I'm back because I wanted to share to you the good news. We are having a baby girl! We went for ultrasound with my husband yesterday and it's confirmed; it's a baby girl! She is 445g as of yesterday and have a good fetal cardiac activity at 144 BPM. She has a very active fetal movements and breathing at 21 weeks and 5 days to be exact.

We are so thankful for this blessing bestowed on us. We are so happy and excited to see and hold our little angel this coming December. Thanks be to God!



Life is really full of uncertainties. Nobody knows what the future holds. But the Lord said " I alone know the plans I have for you, plans to bring you prosperity and not disaster, plans to bring about the future you hope for" (Jeremiah 28:11). As a believer of Christ, I know and I have no doubt in His words.

There are a lot of situation in our lives that we questioned God especially if things do not happen as we expect it to be. As for me, I am thankful that God has given me the grace to have a grateful and obedient heart. I may not understand all the things that is happening in my life now but I still cling on to my faith and believe that everything happens for a reason.

I usually see things positively believing that everything shall pass and nothing is permanent. I look at all situation good or bad to be a learning opportunity. Instead of wallowing on things that cannot help, I focus on things and blessings that come across my way; be it to me personally or to the people I care.

Recent blessings that I should be thankful for are the safe delivery of my friend Kir to a healthy and beautiful baby Katahum, Mareng Claire passing her medical exam for her US Visa application, the online opportunities that came along, the arrival of our new laptop, our progressing immigration application, the progressing proceeding of the case, and most of all, my healthy and stress-free pregnancy and finally, the love and support of my family and friends.

Life may not be perfect for me but I believe that I am blessed for I know that the Lord has bigger and better plans for me and my family.There is no reason to doubt nor fear the future but instead stay positive and look forward to a brighter future ahead.



My friend Aye has arrived from Cagayan de Oro just tonight and she will be staying with us for one week. I am so excited with the idea of bonding with her. We have been to Kir and Belner's house a while ago to check on Kir's condition since we are expecting her to deliver Baby Katahum anytime this month.

Most of us are not connected to any company or any full time job right now but we are using our time productively. Aye is busy with her online job which pay her enough, Rexie is kinda busy with another online job while currently looking for another day time opportunity and of course me, which is enjoying my pregnancy while exploring a lot of home-based work.

Being out of work has gave all of us a lot of realizations. Aye even told me that she has widen her horizons and somehow enjoyed her current state which I also believe was true for I experienced it myself. I have encountered a lot of opportunities and even explored a lot of new things.

Whatever our current situation is; one thing is for sure... we will still be friends till the end no matter what. We all believe that right opportunity will come in its own time. But for now, we will enjoy our time together without pressure on time. I'm so excited to see Rexie,Cedric,Guada and the rest of our MBA Buddies since we haven't seen each other for quite sometime now.

I'm so looking forward to seeing my MBA Buddies tomorrow.It is going to be a day of fun, laughter and excitement since the Jewel sisters and friends will be reunited.


Best Friends For Life

Does everybody have somebody they can call best friend? I was just wondering... How can you consider a person your best friend? Is it because you have been together since childhood or you have spent half your life with each other? Can anybody tell me their understanding of the word "best friend"? Dictionary.com define friendship as "the one friend who is closest to you." I believe that no amount of time can measure the true meaning of being best friends. I gave emphasis on time since I previously believe that you can only call a person your best friend if you are already friends since childhood that was why to this day, I don't have anybody I can call my best friend.

As I was reflecting last night, I remember one of my college barkada told me that I do not have anybody I can call my best friend because I'm everybody's best friend which I believe so. A lot of friends are telling me that I am their best friend and I am happy about it. To give honor to all the friends I met and I have throughout this journey, I'll be posting their names here. This is also to remind me that these are the persons who have touched my life one way or the other and this is my way of paying tribute to them....

:) Rosalyn Dumot - elementary buddy in South Cotabato though we compete
academically but we are really friends by heart
:) Mary Anne Ufana - the friend I met during my last two years in
elementary when I transferred in Cotabato City
:) JJKaRRF ( Jenny, Jean, Katherine, Riadnee anf Florence) - High School Barkada
:) Dulce Amor Lavisores - another high school barkada
:) Rosemarie Gonzales - we both don't understand why we clicked since we
don't have anything in common but we really love and
care for each other.
:) Armeyah Calim - we have an unconventional friendship
:) ICC Charismatic Youth
:) The BEATITUDES - My College Barkada, we call each other ats and kuys..
(Erwin, Suzy, Jehanne, Almira, Erel,Lesli,Leila, Lucille and Fanny)
:) Mildred Solana
:) Ma. Socorro Magadan
:) PAA, Jrs.
:) Ate Joy Valmores,Ate Bing Esposo,Ate Grace Tisang and Kuya Cocoy
:) Dinah Orellano
:) Lenlen Diesta, Janelle and Ate Bembem Benibile
:) Jojo and Omar - different kind of friendship
:) Rachel Bolasa - Remperas, Alma Cadua, Clairmarie Lagumbay,Sheila Roa
:) Mary Joy Ordaneza, Rio Linda Rendon,Karen Barsal
:) Exper Tallada and Julius Juarez
:) Rex Velesrubio,Aileen Piagola,Karen Ocampo- Padawag and Guada Confesor
:) Queenie Penaso - Bernardino
:) Claire Calunsod - Newsom
:) Rosalyn Teves - Reposar - my all time best friend
:) Romualdo Brendan Aguilar - my life-long best friend

I would like to dedicate this song of friendship to all of you....

Thank you very much for sharing part of your self with me. I know this list will go on as I continue my journey through life. I love you all and I hope the Lord will continue to bless all of you wherever you are.


Enjoying my Online Journey

I believe that I do not have the talent in writing though I've been told by several friends and relatives that it was actually the opposite. I have been exposed to corporate world for almost 10 years and I only write formal letters, proposals, and other work-related memorandums. I have been out of work since the month of April 2010, it is not because I chose to (though i actually like the idea of staying at home) but because of some people playing politics inside the organization. I couldn't elaborate details for now since legal proceedings is still on going.

I have learned a lot from what happened and I was actually thankful that I am no longer part of that company which only means that I don't need to deal with those pretentious people everyday. And because I am staying at home full-time due to my pregnancy, I found a second home... on the net! I have discovered online paying sites but what I enjoyed most is my online journey as a blogger.

I am actually a private person and I don't want to discuss personal things with people who are not close to me or to those people I only met online but as I walk through with my online life doing blog hopping and reading posts from fellow bloggers everyday, I was so overwhelmed by their generosity and openness. Generosity in sharing their life, emotions, plans,dreams, secrets and all other things they can share and that's when I started to realize that blogging online is such a blessing in so many ways.

Blessing I can say for a lot of reasons but among all those reasons, what I love and enjoy most is meeting and knowing interesting people around the globe. With this, I would like to thank everyone especially those who made frequents visits on my site, those who exchange links with me, those who made comments and leave messages, those who are following me and most of all those who did not judge me and accepted me for who I am.

I intend to keep this blog site for long and hopefully earn something out of this. Thank you Mareng Claire for the encouragement and for the assistance in setting up my blog site. My day is not complete without sitting in front of the computer reading posts and visiting sites. I still have a lot to learn when it comes to the technicalities of blogging (don't even have my badge yet)but I don't worry much for I know I have you guys around. Thank you everyone for sharing part of yourself with me. Long Live Bloggers!!!
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