Taming the Devil


Have you ever tried to overcome the most tempting desire and end up smiling like hearing a silent sermon from within? Have you ever tried to detach yourself from the pleasures of earthly gifts that suddenly you began to open your heart to a deeper meaning of your existence? Have you ever tried to smother your lips with silence from uttering a very sumptuous gossip only to become aware that you have spoken the voiceless words of your true self?


In this materialistic world, fueled by the madenning inventions of man, the soul is slowly becoming reclusive from the inner self. Why do we feel like we are empty although the things that we have been asking for are in our hands? Why do we still feel wanting for more though we have enough? We feel sad in the midst of a crowd and isolated yet we are physically embraced.


When we start peering deep within ourselves all we could see is a vacuum. Slowly growing and sucking all the positive forces that remain dangling in the fiber of our being. It is continuously taking root deep within, crushing the very ground of our existence. Like a huge trunk of a tree, it forms a hollow of nothingness like a space that pulsates with cloudy forms and lifelessness. Such is the working of our ego that is slowly taking over our lives. Like a monster, a child of unmeasurable gluttony that cannot be satiated by any form or means.


We are enslaved or bondaged by the chains of physical excesses that blind us from seeing the truth and beauty of our lives. By merely breathing the air, it is a constant reminder that life should be fully enjoyed. When we think that we are preoccupied in multiplying our material wealth, tired from being overburdened with conformity and social expectations or restless in guarding our possessions, let us always remember that we have the option of breaking free. In the end, we make our own chains and feign our own entrapment.


Video-oke Bonding

It is a sunny Thursday afternoon when Mareng Claire invited us to have a video-oke session at their house. So after munching the afternoon snacks my mother has prepared for us, we are all set to go...

So we went there together with my mama, our baby Yoshi and cousin Jing. It was actually our first time to have such activity together but we really enjoyed it. I even called my husband to come home earlier to join us especially that Uncle Jessie needs a guy companion.

We sung songs of different genre from yesterdays and todays hits. Mareng Claire has an impressive voice and so was Bren. Our session ended at exactly 10PM. It was such a blessing to have these guys around wherein you can enjoy small little things together without any pressure at all. Thank you Lord for the blessing of true friendship.


Looking Back (Tribute to a Father)

Downtown bookstores have begun to stack piles of notebooks and paper pads and department stores have been selling backpacks and lunchboxes in colorful artworks with a variety of school supplies still in display. This familiar sight always brings me back to my early days of school.

My father would wake me up at eight in the morning. I will timidly eat breakfast and he will give me a gentle and quick bath and get prepped up with my freshly ironed school uniform. He works at night so he will wait until the class ends at noon, fetch me and walk me home. This happened for almost a month when I started to learn how to write sensibly and read simple words. The month that followed became an ordeal for me however. He would no longer walk me to school and worse I had to go to class without him waiting for me outside and walking me home when class ends. A mix of fear and panic is so inevitable that I literally cried everyday. Eventually, I was able to forget these feelings when I started to meet new friends and learn a lot of new and interesting things. I became at ease with myself and with my new environment. After barely three months, I have learned to walk to school alone and go home by myself.

This first experience taught me that life is a series of holding- on and letting- go. I learned this from my father who first held me and walked me to school beacuse he is somebody whom I can trust and be protected with. His hands have a strong and assuring grasp in them which remind me that support is always there when needed most especially when life is always started with new beginnings. However, I have known that the path laid before me is not meant to be traveled this way forever. There is always the 'letting- go' aspect of it. It started with the experience of going to school and walking back home all by myself that allowed me to accept this reality. Because of necessity fueled by an instinct to survive, I have mastered myself to overcome fear and stand up with the pain and adversity. Life, as they always speak about, is like a sea of uncertainty and our parents are our paddles that steer our ship off the shore through the waves and the wind. A journey is about to be started and slowly they will let go and allow us to face the harsh winds and enormous waves wherein lessons are learned making the heart strong and the mind sharp that the our cups are slowly filled with valuable treasures.

The deeper knowledge of the uncertain and the foreboding of being left alone force us to mentally prepare ourselves by assuming responsible and mature roles. Though it may seem that going to school is just a ritual of preparation for independence, we are bound to imitate independence and fortify it when we are finally thrown and tested into the real world of grown- ups. We may become uneasy, doubtful and hesitant but when we learn how face challenging situations we begin to take flight independently. The only thing that matters is how we live up our lives that the hands that took care of us will never despair.

Summer is over and schools has opened days ago. New sailors have started to embark on a new journey bringing only with them ambition and inspiration. I can see a great deal of myself in them. Those were the days that the only thing I can think of right now is smile on how innocent I was, on how young and dependent I was. Things have changed a lot and I believe I have learned so much.


Yoshi's 1st Haircut

Yesterday was a very memorable day since everybody in the house were so excited after seeing Yoshi's new haircut. He is our 6-month old baby boy. It is a common belief that the baby's first haircut should be done after its first birthday (we don't know if there's a scientific explanation on this but his Tito Bren said that it will make his hair wavy/curly while others said it can cause fever); but since Yoshi's hair is growing so fast which most of the time caused him irritation, his parents decided to cut his hair short.

His Ninang Claire suggested that he should have his first haircut in the mall wherein they can choose styles and babies will be taken pictures after the haircut. Due to time constraints, his parents decided to have his first commercial haircut after his first birthday but for now we will be utilizing the talent of our in-house hairdresser, and guess who is it???? none other than Mommy Nene!!!!

The result was indeed good since Yoshi looked very refreshed and it made him look like a man. Thanks so much Mommy Nene.



I got a surprise visit from one of my friends in my previous work. We seldom meet due to time constraints but I feel elated today because she find time to come and see me at home despite of her busy schedule.

We used to work together in one company, sharing the same goals and dreams; but due to some politics at work, we were transferred to other departments without even giving us any objective and logical reasons. Despite what happened, we are still very thankful for the true friendship we have developed over the years of being together as co- workers.

We had so much fun together even without much talking since we both enjoyed watching the grand finals of PGT. Thank you very much friend for always being there. Whatever happens the bond that this friendship have will never be broken but instead will continue to be strong through time. Thank you for the love, support and friendship. I love you and I pray that the Lord will continue to sustain you and give you your heart's desire.


Getting Organized

I finally got our room organized in a way I want it to be. After the hard work, I actually felt good because I have accomplished something good today for me and my husband. Curtains have been changed and cabinets has new arrangement. Thanks to my cousin Jing, my brother Rollie and my nephew Macky for helping out. My mom was also trying her best to help but she was most of the time preoccupied with our little angel Yoshi.

And speaking of getting organized, a great help from Mareng Claire was really appreciated. She went out of her way to assist me in organizing my blog site. As you can see in my site, it doesn't look like I am a newbie in blogging.

Thanks so much everyone for extending your help. You are all a blessing!


Blessings Received

This is such a productive day aside from being one of the most memorable and important days of my life. Since I'm pregnant, I preferred to stay home to rest and only go out on important appointments so I always see to it that every transaction is worthwhile.

In less than four hours today, I have been to a bank to activate my online banking account and to another bank to open an EON account. Also went to TESDA to inquire on the available scholarships they are offering this year, attend an orientation and open an account with the nearest Cooperative and most importantly meet with my lawyer and former friends at NLRC.

Isn't this day a productive one? The Lord has been so good indeed. Since Tachu Bren believes that I had a long day, he went home with my food request... BULALO from Penong's. Despite his difficulty commuting since the car is scheduled for emission, he still managed to bring home my most awaited treat without minding the hassle.

We shared late night dinner while exchanging stories on the exciting events that we have encountered throughout the day. By the way, I can't eat without drinking soda right after every meal, so it is bulalo plus soda (RC Cola, of course!) . If this habit is not good ; I am really sorry but I don't just want it but I really need it to help me stabilize after eating and also prevent me from vomiting. This has just started last week and I'm hoping that I can do away with this sooner especially now that I am into my second trimester. I'm still looking for ways to really stop this the soonest possible time.

Received messages of love and support via calls and text messages from family and true friends. They are the ones who keep me going. I have been blessed knowing that they are always there to love and support me no matter what. I also find strength in knowing that the I have done nothing wrong and my conscience is clear; not even a drop of guilt in my mind and in my heart.

I thank the Lord for the blessings he bestowed on me today. The blessing of good health, loving family and friends and the blessing of knowing that the LORD is Just and Fair. I believe that in His own perfect time everything will be revealed and the truth will come out in the open and everybody will received what they truly deserve because nothing is hidden in God's sight.


A Hard Day

Pregnancy has been one of the most worthwhile and memorable journey and I am exactly into it right now. The last 12 weeks of it has been very fine. Experienced hormonal changes every so often but thanks be to God for He helped me overcome all of it...

This day, I can say has been one of the hardest among all of those pregnancy days. I have been to the bathroom twice in less than an hour interval to puke. I am really having a hard time today but at the end of it, I have my 6- month old little nephew who needs me and who also gives me strength to carry it all.

I pray that days like this will soon be over. I know I am not just the one experiencing this and I am sharing this experience to all the moms- to - be. We can make it! Looking forward to see and hold those little angels in our hands when the right time comes. Life is a miracle indeed. It may be hard but at the end of the day you can still smile and be thankful for the gift that the Lord has bestowed on you as a woman.

Loving Life

I'm on my 13th week of pregnancy and things just work out beautifully. Thanks be to God! I'm out of work now due to some reasons I do not even understand but I believe God works mysteriously.

It's past two in the morning now but Bren and I are enjoying our time together. He brought home the most demanded sweets which is the double dutch ice cream in replacement for the sundae or buko salad or fruit salad or maiz con yelo since most of the stores are already closed when he got out from work at around eleven in the evening.

The notebook has been repaired and received the most awaited email from CIC... Just a little patience and I know everything will fall into place...

God is just so good that despite everything that is happening right now, He is so faithful in His promises... Thanks be to God. I just love the life I have right now... Thanks so much for all the people around me who continuously give love and support in all my undertakings.
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